Home readiness checklist

Try Council's online home readiness checklist to see if your property is ready for a storm or severe weather event.

Early warning alerts

Register to get free early warning alerts about severe weather in your neighbourhood via email, text or phone message.

Be flood aware

Find out how you can prepare for flooding and what you can do to minimise the impact to your property if flooding does occur.

Clean-up time

Clean up your garden before summer storm season with $30 off a green waste recycling bin during October.

Are you prepared?

Check your flood risk

Use Council’s new interactive Flood Awareness Maps to understand your flood risk, the sources of flooding that may affect your property, and how you can prepare your home, family and business.

FloodWise Property Reports

Council's FloodWise Property Report shows the risk and type of flooding at a property, and how high the water may reach, to enable you to plan and build in accordance with Council's requirements.

Disaster management plans

Find out about Council's disaster and severe weather management plans and our efforts to help keep the community safe.

State Emergency Service (SES)

The State Emergency Service (SES) is a voluntary organisation that provides support to the community in times of emergency and disaster.


Queensland's bushfire season, including planned burns, traditionally runs from August to December each year. Find out more about protecting your property during bushfire season.

Other natural disasters and hazards

There are a number of other natural disasters and hazards that could affect Brisbane including dust storms, eathquakes, heat waves and landslides. Find out what you can do to be prepared.

Emergency kit and plan

Be prepared this storm season by having your emergency plan in place, and your emergency kit stocked just in case .

Waste disposal

Clean up your property ahead of bushfire and storm season. Find your nearest Council rubbish tip.


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