Preparing for storms and flooding

Minimising flood damage is a community-wide responsibility. Although Brisbane City Council has an important part to play, residents and businesses can lessen the effect that flooding has on their properties and families by being prepared.

To support our community to be flood wise, Council has developed information to assist in flood management. Many of the actions suggested are low-cost and easy to implement. It is important to do whatever you can to protect yourself, your family and your business.

Early Warning Alert Service

Be prepared for a disaster

Brisbane experiences a variety of natural disasters and events. Prepare your home for storms and flooding to help minimise the impacts on your home and family. Use the following Council tools to help you prepare:

Prepare your family, home and property

While Council is working hard to reduce the impact of flooding, there are simple things residents can do to protect themselves, their homes and families.


Prepare your business, staff and customers

Flooding can affect your business, either directly through water damage to premises, stock and equipment, or indirectly through disruptions to power, communication and transport services. There are many simple things businesses can do to prepare themselves, their workforce and their customers.

Building and renovating to flood standards

Council has adopted the Brisbane Interim Flood Response into Brisbane City Plan 2000. It applies to land affected by the January 2011 Brisbane River flooding, as well as by waterway or creek flooding. Find out about the Brisbane Interim Flood Response planning provisions and areas covered by the interim flood standards and how this might impact on building, renovation and/or development.


Report flood hazards to Council

Use the 'report a maintenance issue' section of our online forms and services to report a flooding hazard/maintenance issue to Council.

Telemetry gauges

Council is installing four new telemetry gauges along the Brisbane River. Telemetry gauges measure and record real-time water levels in Brisbane’s waterways and are a critical part of Council’s flood forecasting, monitoring and response process.