Responding to a flood threat

Sandbag locations
Council wishes to advise that sandbags are currently available from the following locations:
  • Zillmere Depot, 33 Jennings Street Zillmere
  • South Depot, 38 Shamrock Rd, Darra
  • Balmoral Depot, 9 Redfern Street, Morningside
  • Herbert Street, Lota
  • SES Depot, 66 Wilston Rd, Newmarket.

There are many steps to take when there is the threat of a flood at your property, including necessary preparations, where to collect sandbags and having an emergency kit ready. 

Follow these tips to prepare for a flood:

  • listen to your local radio station for updates and/or visit Council's newsroom
  • sign up for early warning alert services
  • make sure your emergency kit is ready. This should contain valuables such as jewellery, a back up of important computer files, warm clothing, important documents (such as birth certificates), and any needs for infants and pets
  • plan your evacuation route. Don't drive through floodwaters. If you plan to evacuate, do so early, as roads may become flooded or congested
  • move valuables up high
  • collect sandbags from Council depots at Darra, Morningside, Newmarket and Zillmere.

Working with sandbags

The following video shows you how to work with sandbags to protect your property:

Watch the video or read the text version.

You can also watch this video and other related videos on Council's YouTube channel.

Sandbag disposal

Find out how to dispose of your sandbags once a weather event has passed. 

More information

04 May 2015