Personal safety

Maximising the safety of all residents and visitors is a priority for Brisbane City Council. We deliver a range of programs and services to ensure that Brisbane remains an attractive, vibrant and safe place for everyone to enjoy.

Bikeway signage

To improve bikeway safety, Council introduced comprehensive bikeway signage on a section of Kedron Brook bikeway as a trial.

Between Everton Park and Grange, the following signs have been installed:

  • distance markers on the bikeway path
  • directional signage and markers highlighting exit points
  • 'You are here' maps   

These measures will help cyclists and walkers to:

  • better determine their location on the bikeway 
  • help users report incidents more accurately, especially those people who are not familiar with the area

Also, trees and bushes will be trimmed to improve visibility along bikeways. Council plans to roll out similar signs across the pathway network of Brisbane. Read more information on bikeway safety.

Queensland Police

Phone Queensland Police on 000 for:

  • an emergency
  • all suspicious activity

You can also give information anonymously about criminal activity to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 (toll free). This number is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information, visit the Crime Stoppers website.

Visit Queensland Police website for information about personal safety strategies.

Personal safety tips

When out and about consider:

  • walking, jogging or cycling with a friend or dog
  • varying your routes
  • choosing well-lit popular roads and paths, or stay where you are visible to other people
  • facing oncoming traffic, so a car cannot pull-up unnoticed
  • carrying identification, a mobile phone, phone card, or change for a public phone
  • that wearing headphones while exercising can make you less alert to your surroundings
  • maintaining a streetwise appearance, be confident in your body language

Building confidence and awareness

Spend some time developing healthy streetwise habits by:

  • walking without lingering or walking slowly with your head down
  • carrying your bag securely and talking to people in a confident manner
  • teaching yourself to look people in the eye
  • trusting your instincts - if you are feeling unsafe, threatened or nervous, do not ignore it
  • building your personal safety habits on your own sense of comfort and security

Create a safe and friendly environment:

  • cyclists: sound your bell before passing pedestrians to warn them of your approach - give enough warning so they know to move to the left and to show you aren't 'sneaking up on them'
  • acknowledge other path users by giving a quick 'hello' or 'thank you' when passing
  • keep left when cycling and walking on our footpaths and shared paths - this helps to minimise the chance of a collision and allows users to overtake/ pass safely
  • be conscious of other path users - behave in a confident but non-threatening manner to reassure others around you

Group active and healthy activities

If you do not want to exercise alone, Council runs the following active and healthy group activities:

Helpful organisations

These organisations offer help and advice on personal safety issues: