Green Living

Through its Green Heart environmental engagement program, Brisbane City Council encourages the residents of Brisbane to make changes to our everyday lives to help Brisbane achieve its goal of becoming Australia's most sustainable city. We want to preserve the lifestyle and environment that makes our city such a great place to live, work and play.

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Green homes

Take action right now to save money and the environment. Small changes can make a big difference. Find out what you can do to live a Green Heart life in and outside your home.

Green schools

Schools and teachers can inspire sustainable action in students everyday. Access our student resources and teacher resources.


Sustainable gardening

Gardening is a simple pleasure which brings many benefits to you and is a practical way to help the environment.

Free native plants

Council provides ratepayers, schools, body corporates and community groups with free native plants.

Community groups

Join Council's community groups, including Habitat Brisbane and Growing Communities. Find out about community gardens and city farms.

Green Heart Wisdom

Green Heart Wisdom is a trial designed to improve energy efficiency in households with low income seniors.

Council's green commitment

Council does business sustainably to make Council carbon neutral by 2031. Learn how we help businesses reduce their carbon footprint.

Earth Hour 2014

Earth Hour is a global movement to create a more sustainable earth.

Green events and workshops

There are many events held around Brisbane where you can find out more about living sustainably and be inspired and entertained at the same time.

Brisbane's Green Plan

Council has a community plan to support Brisbane in becoming Australia's most sustainable city.

Green businesses

Council supports business and industry with sustainable development including events, grants, rebates and programs.

Water smart homes

Being water smart means more than just water conservation. It is also about sustainable water use and the protection of waterways.

Green transport

Driving is our first choice but with a little effort we can choose to reduce our reliance on cars.