Green homes

Brisbane City Council wants to help you and your family make a real difference to Brisbane's future. Our tips, incentives and practical information will make it easy and affordable for you to live more sustainably.

Council is committed to reducing energy and waste, making better travel choices, and protecting Brisbane's unique plants and animals.

We have already shown the world we lead the way in saving water. Now we are reducing each household's annual greenhouse emissions.

Gardening and growing food

Sustainable gardening

Gardening is a simple pleasure which brings many benefits to you and is a practical way to help the environment.
Green and active transport

Green transport

Driving is often our first choice, but with a little effort we can choose to reduce our reliance on cars and opt for green and active alternatives.
Saving energy

Saving energy

Find a few simple changes to reduce your carbon footprint and save energy and money, without sacrificing your comfort.

Green Heart Life e-newsletter

With the Green heart Life e-newsletter, you can keep up to date with the latest events and information on sustainable living.
Building sustainable housing

Building sustainable housing

Council has a design checklist to ensure your new home is sustainable. Download the design checklist for homes, units and apartments.

Green living fact sheets

Council wants you to be informed on how to be green, sustainable and reduce your carbon footprint. Find out more.
Green events

Green events

Council offers a wide range of events and workshops to help you become more sustainable.


Council's energy reduction program provides residents with a range of energy saving options.

Council's green commitment

Learn more about Council's energy targets and aims.


Keeping chickens is easy, fun and environmentally friendly. Learn what regulations you need to know to keep chickens in your suburban backyard.

Electronic waste

Electronic waste collection is another way Council is promoting a clean and green Brisbane. Learn how you can dispose of that old computer, mobile phone, televisions and more.