Green transport

Green transportCar travel accounts for around 11 percent of an average resident's emissions. Brisbane City Council encourages you to try and swap a weekly car trip for an alternative method.

Avoiding car travel is one of the best ways you can reduce emissions, plus it creates cleaner air and less congestion on the roads.


With CityCycle bike hire, you can travel around Brisbane city and inner suburbs cost-effectively and in style. Alternatively you can ride your own bike or hire one from many locations around Brisbane.

Discover all the bikeways around Brisbane with the bikeway maps.

Find out what Council is doing to help improve the bikeways with the latest bikeway and pathway projects.


Combine the benefits of walking and improving the environment. Find out what Brisbane has to offer for:

Public transport

Council offers a wide variety of alternatives to driving. These include:

Learn more about Brisbane's public transport services including timetables and tickets.

Active school travel

Encouraging your children to ride, walk or take public transport to school makes them fitter, reduces traffic congestion around schools and has environmental benefits from reduced emissions.

Council coordinates and encourages safe school travel to assist.

What Council is doing

As part of our vision for a clean, green city, Council undertakes many actions to reduce the impacts of transport around the city. We do this by offsetting the emissions of Council's vehicle fleet, investing in hybrid vehicles and low-emissions buses and offering reduced parking fees for hybrid vehicles in King George Square car park.