Rubbish, tips and bins

Brisbane City Council offers many options for rubbish removal and collection, including general refuse, green waste, recycling and kerbside collections. You can also find information about how you can recycle rubbish to reduce the amount of landfill, where to dispose of your hazardous and electronic waste and report illegal dumping.

Rubbish tips

Rubbish tips

Find out about Council's transfer stations, including locations, fees and charges and Council's Tip Shop.
Rubbish truck

Rubbish collections

Council offers bin collections for general refuse, recycling and green waste bins. Residents also receive a yearly kerbside collection.
Rubbish bin

Rubbish bins

Information about green waste bins, larger or additional recycling bins and what items are suitable. Also log your request for a new bin or for a bin repair.

Recycling and reducing waste

Council encourages recycling to save energy, water and the amount of waste going to landfill. Learn about recycling for businesses.
Paint brush with red paint on bristles, sitting on open tin of paint.

Hazardous waste

Check the safe disposal methods table to find out how to dispose of your hazardous material.

Electronic waste

Some electronic waste items such as computers, mobile phones and tvs are accepted at Council's transfer stations.
Pile of rolled material, bent cardboard and other rubbish.

Illegal dumping

Find out about how you can report illegal dumping, fines that apply and the harm that dumping can cause.

Brisbane's Tip Shops

Looking for quality used, recycled and second hand products? Council's Tip Shops have salvaged great items before they go to landfill.

Moreton Island waste services

Three waste transfer stations are provided by Brisbane City Council to assist residents in the disposal of general waste, recycling, garden waste and batteries.

Reducing litter

Find out how you can help reduce litter in Brisbane and what the fines are if you don't apply.

Dead animal collection

You can lodge a request for a dead animal collection.