Electronic waste

""Electronic waste (e-waste) includes electronic items such as desktop computers, monitors, mobile phones, printers, televisions, scanners and video game consoles.

You cannot put e-waste into your wheelie bin.

Free disposal

Brisbane residents can, as part of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme, dispose of e-waste at the transfer stations for free. The transfer stations will accept a maximum of 15 items per delivery of televisions, computers and computer products including printers and scanners free of charge from householders and small businesses.

E-waste recycling bins are provided at the transfer stations for your recyclable e-waste items. Place your recyclable e-waste items in the marked e-waste bins inside the transfer station's shed.

Electronic waste collection is another way Council is growing a clean and green Brisbane as part of achieving the Brisbane Vision

Acceptable items

You can dispose free of charge up to 15 of the following items:

  • circuit boards
  • computer mice
  • computer power supplies
  • desktop PCs
  • digital or video cameras
  • DVD players
  • electronic games
  • floppy disc and CD drives
  • game accessories such as joysticks
  • game consoles
  • hard drives
  • Hi-Fi equipment
  • joysticks
  • keyboards
  • laptop PCs
  • mobile phones 
  • monitors
  • motherboards
  • network and memory cards
  • printers
  • scanners
  • speakers
  • stereos
  • televisions
  • videos

Non-acceptable items

  • alarm clocks
  • fluorescent light tubes
  • hairdryers
  • kitchen appliances
  • microwaves
  • vacuum cleaners
  • white goods

Non-acceptable items can be placed into separate recycling collection bins at all transfer stations.

15 January 2015