Recycling and reducing waste

Recycling requires only a small amount of our time. It saves money, reduces waste and energy, and creates more jobs than waste disposal in landfill.

In Brisbane we have been recycling for 15 years, and yet 30% of what goes to landfill is actually recyclable. But each year we're improving, with 2010-11 resulting in over 91,436 tonnes of recyclables collected and recycled.

""Recycling guide for households

By choosing to recycle you can help make Brisbane a more sustainable city by conserving non-renewable resources and reducing our reliance on landfill.



Recycling guide for businesses

Council offers businesses a kerbside bin recycling service. Find out more information about how you can apply online.

""Recycling at home

The easiest place to start great recycling habits is in your home. Find out what you can recycle including different types of plastic, and some tips about which bins to use.


Recycling at school

Brisbane City Council provides schools with practical assistance in developing a school waste minimisation plan, and offers free waste education programs to kindergarten and school groups.

Reducing waste

Learn about Council's waste minimisation goals that were developed to support the Brisbane Vision.