Reducing litter

Brisbane City Council is dedicated to cleaning up the litter in our streets and waterways. By using Council's litter bins, you can help make Brisbane a sustainable and green and clean city.  Don't be one of Brisbane's least wanted.

Help reduce litter in Brisbane

Council is committed to making Brisbane a sustainable, green and clean city and we would like to thank residents for helping us keep the city clean.

In your suburb, remember:

  • when putting your rubbish bins out for collection, ensure that bins do not overflow. These bins can attract animals that tear open rubbish bags, creating litter on the ground
  • to donate large household items to charity of Council's Tip Shop vial your local Transfer Station
  • Council's Kerbside Collection comes to your suburb annually
  • pick up after your dog when you go for a walk
  • when cleaning footpaths, pick up rubbish, don't sweep or hose it into gutters
  • Council provides street litter bins for the disposal of small items only. These bins are not to be used for business or household waste. When used incorrectly, bins overflow and contribute to litter on the ground

Littering and illegal dumping may attract on the spot fines of between $220 and $1760, so ensure you dispose of your rubbish responsibly.

What you can do:

  • use litter bins properly
  • teach children not to litter
  • stub out cigarettes and put them in the bin
  • carry a litter bag in your car
  • pack a rubbish-free lunch, with reusable plastic containers
  • secure bin lids ready for collection
  • take your litter home when visiting parks and gardens
  • volunteer for Clean Up Australia Day or join a local environmental group
  • talk to your local Councillor about nominating for Brisbane’s Spotless Suburbs


To help maintain clean streets, Council Officers can issue fines for anyone caught littering. Fines include:

  • $220 for general littering
  • $440 for dangerous littering

In a recent Brisbane City Council survey approximately 80% of Brisbane residents believed that people who litter should be fined.

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Litter from vehicles

If you observe a person littering from a vehicle, a complaint can be made straight to the Department of the Environment and Heritage Protection.

More information

To report a litter hotspot, contact Council.