Rubbish bins

Residential rubbish is collected weekly including public holidays. Brisbane City Council has recycling and waste services for residents and businesses. Read about bins for green waste, general rubbish and recycling. Find out your bin collection day and how to have your damaged bin repaired. You can also order bins online for your newly built house.

Green waste recycling service

Green waste recycling service

There has never been a better time to have a green waste recycling bin in preparation for the next storm season.

Larger or additional recycling bins

Larger or additional recycling bin

Increase recycling and reduce waste. Order a 340 litre recycling bin or an additional 240 litre bin now. You can start using the bin as soon as it is delivered. 

Broken or damaged bins

Broken or damaged bins

Brisbane City Council repairs damaged bins for free. Find out what you need to do to get your bin repaired.

Bin collection

General rubbish and recycle bin collection information for Brisbane residents, including the bin collection calendar.
Bins for newly built houses

Bins for newly built houses

Order bins online for your newly built house.

Bin items

What items can and cannot be put into general rubbish and recycle bins.
School recycling bins

Recycling bins for schools

Schools can apply for Council's school recycling service. Contact Council to apply.

Council's business recycling service

Council provides a recycling service for Brisbane businesses. You can apply online.