WaterSmart Strategy

Hands under waterThe goal of the WaterSmart Strategy is to make Brisbane a water smart city; to support the liveability of our city by managing water sustainably. The strategy builds on Council's first integrated water strategy, released in 2005, and takes Brisbane one step closer to becoming Australia's most sustainable city. The strategy was published in 2010.

The WaterSmart Strategy outlines Council's policies on water management and how best to face the challenges of increased population, more demands on our open space and parklands, changes to our climate and the quality and condition of our infrastructure. We need to be more conscious of our use, reuse and care of water in response to these challenges.

Brisbane must become a water smart city to ensure:

  • our waterways are healthy for future generations
  • our water resources and systems are sustainable
  • buildings, public spaces, roads and services demonstrate designs with water in mind


There are four goals at the core of the strategy:

  1. A water smart community that celebrates water, is well-informed and makes decisions with water in mind.
  2. Well-designed subtropical city which embraces its waterways and is shaped by the natural movement of water.
  3. A healthy river and bay which are resilient and able to adapt to pressures and change.
  4. Sustainable water use so we have what we need now and for future generations.


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Water Sensitive Cities

To help achieve our WaterSmart vision, Council is participating in the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) - Water Sensitive Cities. Brisbane City Council will join 74 like-minded organisations looking for practical solutions and mechanisms to support a more water sensitive future. Although formally recognised in July 2012, the CRC has been working over the last three years to start the national and international journey of delivering water sensitive cities.

More information

View a video on Brisbane's cultural perspectives on the importance of water or read the Brisbane's cultural perspective video transcript:

For more information about the WaterSmart Strategy, email the project team.