Cycling in Brisbane

Brisbane has many bikeways and bike paths for cyclists riding to work or cycling for fun or fitness. Find local bike path maps and bike tracks in your area. Locate CityCycle bike hire stations and find bike shelters, cycle racks and cycle centres like King George Square. Also find cycling rules, signs and cycling safety tips as well as shared pathways and bikeway closures and detours in your area. Find information about Council's new membership-based program, Cycling Brisbane.


Cycling Brisbane

Brisbane City Council has launched Cycling Brisbane, a new program designed to encourage people of all ages and abilities to cycle. Sign up to Cycling Brisbane for access to a special online hub, as well as to receive bi-monthly e-newsletters and retail discounts across the city. Join now.

Bike skills

If you want to build your cycling confidence and skills, book in to one of our free bike skills sessions. We have sessions to get new and lapsed riders back on a bike, as well as great sessions for cycling in traffic, riding as a family, mountain biking and bike maintenance.

Bikeway and shared pathway maps

Find bike ridges and cycle routes in Brisbane with bikeway maps and cycle path maps in your local area.

Cycling rules, signs and safety tips

There are many shared paths and bikeways in Brisbane, find cycling rules, signs and road markings used on cycle paths and bike tracks to keep cyclists and pedestrians safe.

CityCycle bike hire

Hire a bike and cycle around Brisbane with CityCycle. Find out about bike hire costs, the closest CityCycle station to you, courtesy helmets and more.

Bike parking and facilities

Council has bike shelters, cyclepods and sheltered bike parking in Brisbane. Find a list of bike shelters and bike rack locations, operating hours and how to apply for an access card.

Brisbane Bike Adventures

Explore parts of Brisbane that we think are great for a cycling adventure. From bay to forest, there is an adventure for everyone.

Bikeway closures and detours

Find out about bikeway and shared pathway closures or detours that are happening across Brisbane's bikeway network.

Cycling to school, university or work

Find helpful commuting tips, bike routes and cycling information.

Bikeway and pathway projects

Pedestrians and cyclists can find new bikeways and cycle paths open across Brisbane.

Cycling plans and resources

Council has policies and strategies to improve the cycling network in Brisbane and encourage people to ride their bikes. Find out how state and federal government are involved.

Active School Travel Program

The program encourages parents, school staff and children to walk, cycle, car pool or use public transport to get to or from school. Find out how Active School Travel reduces traffic congestion around schools and improves road safety awareness.


17 April 2015