Animals and pets

Brisbane City Council has laws in place to keep most types of domestic animals and poultry, operate pet shops and breed animals. These laws include registration for dogs, microchipping requirements, and the tattooing of desexed animals.

Animal owners are responsible to ensure pets are healthy, safe and do not create a nuisance in the neighbourhood.

Dog laying on grass with a tennis ball.Cats and dogs

Find out about dog registration, including fees, permits, renewals, tags and more. Cats are no longer required to be registered in the Brisbane City Council area.

You can also report a barking dog complaint and learn how a dog can be declared dangerous or menacing.

Horse with head over stall door.Horses

If you keep a racehorse, you need a permit. Find information about permits and conditions for keeping a horse in Brisbane.

Young girl holding two baby chickens.

Chickens and poultry

Read the conditions for keeping chickens and other poultry in Brisbane.

Brown and white dog laying on grass.

Lost and found animals

Animals on how to report lost animals in the Brisbane City Council area, as well as information on how to claim them.