Using or closing a road or footpath

A footway is also commonly known as a nature strip or road reserve. It is the strip of land from the front property boundary to the kerb and channel and includes the footpath.    

You need a footway permit for certain activities on Brisbane City Council’s footpaths and roads, and on your driveway.


You must get a footway permit if you are:

  • building a structure on the footway, for example erecting hoarding and gantry
  • building, modifying or repairing a driveway
  • connecting to Council’s stormwater drainage
  • leaving equipment and or materials on the footway:
    • for longer than 48 hours
    • that stops pedestrians using the footpath
    • that is on a main road or within the Central Business District
  • excavating or digging up the road or footpath
  • using heavy vehicles to cross the footway, for example house removal
  • closing part or all of the footway
  • placing a temporary structure on the footway. For example a stall, booth or stand for a registered, religious, charitable, educational or political organisations.

The Natural Assets Local Law 2003 does not allow you to put garden beds on the footpath, unless it is:

  • part of Council's street planting plan
  • approved under another local law or subordinate local law.

The Health, Safety and Amenity Local Law 2009 does not allow certain activities on Council roads. It is prohibited at all times to:

  • camp (defined as physically setting up a camp, caravan or tent, and the act of sleeping in a vehicle) overnight on a road or road related area
  • carry out vehicle maintenance on a road, except for minor emergency repairs, such as changing a battery or tyre.

If you are unsure whether you need a permit, you can find out more by contacting Council.

How to apply

  1. You may need to attach extra information to your application. Some applications require you to attach drawings and a completed checklist. To find out if this applies you can contact Council.
  2. Find out what fee you need to pay with your application. See footway fees and charges.
  3. Complete an application/notice to work on Council property form.

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The form is available:

Lodge your application, permit fee and any other information requested in the relevant fact sheet at a Regional Business Centre.

This application is not a permit. Council will assess the application and contact you to acknowledge receipt of your application and give you an indication of how long the assessment process will take. If Council approves it, you will be issued a permit with relevant conditions.

Temporary lane or road closure

If you would like to temporarily close any part of a Council road including parking bays, you will need to submit one of the following application forms:

For special events you can apply for a temporary lane or road closure:

Note: the temporary lane and road closure assessment application for a special event is to be used for a planned activity that is wholly or partly conducted on a roadway, may require multiple agency involvement, requires special traffic management arrangements, and usually involves a large number of participants and/or spectators, for example fun runs and parades.

A Traffic Control Plan detailing your proposed road or lane closure must also be submitted with the application.

The non-refundable application fee for a road or lane closure application is $231 (GST exempt) plus any additional costs associated with:

  • installation/amendment or removal of parking signs
  • closure of any metered parking space for the duration of the closure during the usual operating days of the metered parking space including administration or project management fees (varies according to site locality and subject to assessment and approval)
    Note: by submitting the application, the applicant is agreeing to pay all costs associated with the use of the paid parking bays for the duration according to the permit approval conditions upon issuing by the Temporary Road Closures team.

For further information in relation to paid parking costs send an email to City Parking.

Applicants will be advised of the full costs within three days of the receipt of the request.

The application for Road Closure can be:

  • sent by email
  • faxed to 07 3334 0087
  • mailed to:

    Brisbane City Council
    Traffic Management Section
    GPO Box 1434
    Brisbane Qld 4001.               

You must then get approval from the Queensland Police Service.  

Permanent lane or road closure

If you want to permanently close a road:

  1. Contact the Department of Environment and Resource Management to make a permanent road closure application.
  2. The department will advise you of their process and fees.
  3. The department will then forward the application to Council for Council's view on the application. It may also seek views from other agencies it may think are relevant.  
  4. Council will assess the permanent road closure application and provide its final position to the department. Council will charge you a fee of $1,429 for doing this.
  5. The department will make the final decision about the permanent road closure application.
  6. The department will communicate its final decision to you.