Local laws

Under the City of Brisbane Act 2010, Brisbane City Council may make and enforce any local law that is necessary or convenient for the good rule and local government of Brisbane. 

Register of local lawsRegister of Local Laws and Notices

View the register of Local Laws, search the Local Laws Database, view public notices for any new local laws and view any new or proposed local laws. Includes a link to the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning Local Law Database.

Information about local lawsInformation about local laws

Council has the authority to make and enforce local laws and also has the responsibility to enforce some state government laws. Learn about the process.

Information sign Advertisements Local Law

The Advertisements Local Law ensure advertisements and associated structures are constructed and maintained to essential standards of public safety.

Footpath dining Footpath dining Local Law

Council monitors the standard of operations in food premises that provide footpath dining. Read more about footpath dining regulations.

Smoke free public placesQueen Street Mall smoking ban

View the details of the Queen Street Mall smoking ban, including a map of the designated non-smoking areas.

Health, safety, amenity local lawHealth, Safety and Amenity Local Law

The Health, Safety and Amenity Local Law regulates activities such as backyard burning, rubbish bin standards, camping on roads and maintenance of ornamental ponds.