RiskSMART: New house or extension in a demolition control precinct

RiskSMART applications for new houses, extensions or demolition of a house in a Demolition Control Precinct will be considered if the following apply:

  1. The proposal must be Code Assessable.
  2. The development complies with the Residential Design - Character Code of City Plan.
  3. The development complies with the House Code of City Plan.
  4. Specifically, development must comply with Acceptable Solutions of P1 of Residential Design - Character Code (exculdes P2 to P7).
  5. The proposal is a Small Lot House, provided the development is self assessable under the Small Lot Code.
  6. The porposal reflects the following acceptable solution:
    • A1.1 Buildings use traditional material consistent with those most commonly used in pre- 1946 houses in that part of the Demolition Control Precinct, including sloping roofing with eaves of similar proportions to pre- 1946 houses nearby in the street. Note: traditional materials are most likely painted timber walls and tin roofing.
    • Additional requirement for lots that contain pre- 1946 building/s:
      • A1.2 Pre – 1946 building/s are sited at the front of the site at the street frontage.
      • A1.3 Building/s built prior to 1900 are reused, refurbished and retained.
    • In limited circumstances, where it is demonstrated that little to no traditional built character is evident in the immediate vicinity, the development must comply with the Acceptable Solutions of P2 to P7 of the Residential Design – Character Code. Acceptance of this approach is to the discretion of RiskSMART.
  7. The proposal requires minor demolition works, and where such demolition relates to the proposal and / or partial demolition where generally limited to the rear only.
  8. Any partial demolition work affecting streetscape elevations of a structure in a Demolition Control Precinct must form the basis of a further Development Assessment Application submitted to the relevant team.

Applications will not be considered under RiskSMART if any of the following apply:

  1. Where full demolition work is proposed of pre-1946 houses in a Demolition Control Precinct.
  2. If the level of assessment is affected by a Local Plan, then the information provided within this tool should be used as a guide only. The tool does not incorporate issues associated with Local Area Plans and issues generated by the Local Area Plan must be addressed in the application.
  3. The site/s are located within Environmental Protection, Rural or Emerging Community areas.
  4. Proposed building height exceeds the maximum building height as identified in the relevant code of City Plan.
  5. The premises are on the site of a Heritage Place or Heritage Precinct unless the Brisbane City Council Heritage Unit has given supportive advice (documentary evidence) towards the proposal.
  6. The site which include Waterway, Natural Asset Local Law (NALL) or Vegetation Protection order (VPO) flags and where the proposed works are located within such areas.
  7. The site has a stormwater or sewer pipe that will conflict with the proposed finished surface levels and/or any foundations requiring relocation of the pipe; (ie would require the moving of infrastructure).
  8. The proposal requires building over a property connection and/or manhole.