Plumbing and drainage

Assessment and fees

Find information about assessment and fees (valid from 1 July 2013) for the following:

Single detached dwelling

Submit the following items with your application:

  • completed Form 1
  • copy of the existing and proposed floor plan
  • copy of site plan
  • drainage plan number
  • application fee payment

If your application comes under the notifiable work categories, it must be lodged with the Plumbing Industry Council.

Work engaged from 1 November 2012 for alterations/additions is now notifiable work and must be lodged with the Plumbing Industry Council.

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Single detached dwelling

Assessment includes inspection fees

Turn around time 20 working days once application received by Plumbing Services


  • new dwelling
  • existing dwelling


Hydraulic plan assessment for all other classes

Submit these items with your application:

Where an alternate solution is being submitted for assessment the following form is also to be completed and submitted:

Turn around time for all other classes once a complete application is received by Plumbing Services: 

Assessment type Turn around time Lodgement type
Standard 20 working days Online
Fast track - to install between 51 and 250 fixtures 10 working days Online
Fast track - to install up to and including 50 fixtures 10 working days Online
Fast track - to install less than 10 fixtures and where a Development Assessment (DA) application is not required 5 working days Online

Note: If there is found to be a related Development Assessment (DA) application for Fast track applications of less than 10 fixtures, an additional fee may be applicable.

Other applications



Seal off/repair/reconnection 

  • $175
Submit these items with your application

Application lodgement

Council recommends that all plumbing applications be submitted online. This is the fastest and easiest way to submit your application.

You can also lodge your plumbing application by:

Locked Bag 1
Fairfield Gardens,
Fairfield QLD 4103

Existing drainage plans

To request a copy of an existing drainage plan you can:

The prices for existing drainage plans are as follows:

  • domestic drainage plan - $25.30 (minimum estimated cost)
  • commercial drainage plan - price on application 

Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems

Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems must be tested annually. Council will contact the owner about this requirement and with the relevant information.

The owner must provide to Council:

Septic Tank

Septic tanks and effluent disposal systems must be inspected annually and a report provided to Council. Council will contact owners of septic tanks or effluent disposal systems about this requirement. Owners will need to provide Council with:

More information

For more information regarding plumbing applications or services you can:

  • contact Council
  • visit Plumbing Services office between 8.30am and 4pm, Monday to Friday:

South Regional Business Centre
681 Fairfield Road