Planning, guidelines and tools

Access Brisbane City Council's planning, guidelines and tools. You can discover how the plans fit together. You can also use the Planning and Development (PD Online) online tool to find information on development applications or to lodge a submission.


Brisbane City Plan 2014

All building and development in Brisbane is directed by Brisbane City Plan 2014. City Plan sets out what you and your neighbours can build and shows where new development should go.

PD Online - property development and application search tool

Find planning and development information in Brisbane with PD online. You can do a property enquiry, use the interactive mapping tool, track the progress of a development application, view the Brisbane Planning Scheme (Brisbane City Plan 2014) and lodge a submission.

Neighbourhood Planning

Find Neighbourhood Plans in your area. Neighbourhood plans guide development in an area and the way it fits within Council’s planning scheme, Brisbane City Plan 2014.

City Centre Master Plan 2014

Brisbane’s city centre is home to 10,000 residents and 150,000 employees and is projected to grow rapidly. Find out about the City Centre Master Plan 2014.

Urban design projects

Read about all of Brisbane City Council's Urban Design projects and check out our Public Art database.

Other plans and projects

Find out about other Brisbane City Council plans and projects.

Priority infrastructure plan

Brisbane City Council has adopted the Brisbane Priority Infrastructure Plan 2012 (PIP) based on the framework in the Sustainable Planning Act 2009.

Online tools

Find planning and building online tools, including PD Online and training videos.


When undertaking a development in Brisbane, you should use these guidelines to make sure your development proposal complies with Brisbane City Plan 2014 requirements.

Flood standards and maps

Council has put in place interim flood levels and standards. Find information and maps to help you understand your flood risk.