City Plan, zones and codes

All building and development in Brisbane is directed by the Brisbane City Plan 2000 (City Plan). City Plan sets out what we and our neighbours can build and shows where new development should go. Brisbane City Council assesses proposed new development against the City Plan.

The City Plan contains three elements:

  • a strategic plan - the vision for the way the city will develop
  • the rules - practical rules and legal requirements that developments must address
  • Local and Neighbourhood Plans - development regulations specific to certain areas

The Brisbane City Plan 2000 is undergoing a review and will be replaced by the new City Plan.

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How to use City Plan

The Brisbane City Plan 2000 is Council's planning scheme. It describes Council's intentions and outcomes for our city's future development.
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City Plan 2000 document

Read or download the Brisbane City Plan 2000. The plan is divided into five chapters and five appendices.
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City Plan 2000 sections in summary

View a summary of each section of Brisbane City Plan 2000.

City Plan information sheets

City Plan information sheets provide detailed information on specific provisions in the City Plan.
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City Plan area classifications / zones

Read about the areas and zones used in the Brisbane City Plan 2000.

Performance criteria and acceptable solutions

Access the performance criteria and acceptable solution documents.
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City Plan 2000 appendices

View a summary of the five Brisbane City Plan 2000 appendices.

Buy City Plan products

You can buy a copy of City Plan (online or CD). Find pricing information and how to order.

City Plan 2000 amendments

Read the public notices of amendments to the Brisbane City Plan 2000.

City Plan updates register

View the summary of amendments to the City Plan since it's adoption on 30 October 2000.