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eBIMAP is Brisbane City Council's online mapping service. Subscribers can use eBIMAP to find Council information via geo-spatial mapping technology. eBIMAP information is only to be used for business purposes.

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After you have registered, you can subscribe to eBIMAP. Have your credit card ready for immediate access, or pay later by cheque.

eBIMAP features and benefits

eBIMAP offers you:

  • service compatible with Windows
  • comprehensive information on properties in the Brisbane area
  • unlimited access for all functions, including viewing, reporting and printing
  • superior GIS (geographic information system) analysis tools such as spatial buffering and attribute queries
  • an efficient search engine that allows you to search on address, lot, plan number, Map Grid of Australia (MGA) coordinates and postcode
  • access to ISO standard metadata on map layers, with information on the origin and accuracy of the data
  • high quality printing from A4 to A0 formats in portrait and landscape, including map exports into email-ready .pdf files
  • exceptional digital aerial imagery including 1946,1999, 2005 and 2007 aerial photos

Some documents on this page need Adobe Reader to view or print them. You can download Adobe Reader for free.

Download a list of all currently available eBIMAP layers (PDF - 188kb).

eBIMAP tutorial

Download the full eBIMAP tutorial (PDF - 6Mb).

New eBIMAP Version 1.05.01 is now available

Council is continuing to improve and add features to the eBIMAP service. Subscribers can now access the following enhancements:

  • logical restructuring of data categories and layers
  • a bookmark function that allows personal layer configurations and/or sites to be stored
  • retains location and layer configuration when user logs out correctly
  • drill down function that generates a single report for multiple layers
  • icon to determine which layers are currently displayed and the capacity to turn sub-layers on or off
  • coordinate readout on raster output rounded to the nearest metre
  • raster output is available for paper sizes from A4 to A0 in portrait or landscape. Aerial imagery is available up to A3 only
  • improved layouts on printed maps
  • updated EView client to version 4.3.0
  • suburb names are suppressed at scales < 1:2501
  • improved sewer line symbology for greater visibility
  • address lookup help.

System requirements

The officially supported and tested system requirements for eBIMAP are:

  • Windows 2000/XP - SP2
  • Internet Explorer 6 - SP2
  • Java Runtime Environment 1.4.2
  • Adobe Acrobat 6.

Subscriptions packages

eBIMAP subscriptions are available in a range of packages to suit your business needs, including:

  • discounts up to 50% by subscribing for longer periods. For example, a one month subscription costs $522. If you subscribe for a full year at $3150, this reduces the monthly costs to $262.50
  • single or multiple licences
  • easy payment using credit card or cheque.

These charges are valid as of 1 July 2013. All prices include GST.

eBIMAP subscriptions   One day     One week    One month Six months One year
Single user $32.60 $144 $522 $2360 $3150
Up to three users N/A N/A $1290 $5660 $8310
Up to five users N/A N/A $2030 $8950 $13,600
Up to 10 users N/A N/A $3150 $14,200 $22,700
More than 10 users N/A N/A Price on application Price on application Price on application

Changing your subscription

To change your subscription when it is due for renewal, choose the ‘renew with change’ option from the ‘review eBIMAP subscription’ option. To increase your current subscription at any time, choose ‘change current subscription’.

Access to eBIMAP

If you pay online using a credit card, you will get immediate access to eBIMAP. We will send you an email confirming your access.

If you pay your subscription by cheque, you will receive access once the payment is processed. We will send you an email when your subscription is active.

eBIMAP and City Plan

eBIMAP only provides the City Plan graphic layers not City Plan documentation. You need to buy City Plan Basic for City Plan documentation. For more information, read about City Plan products.

eBIMAP help

When you are using eBIMAP, choose the help icon (?) for information about how to use the service. You can also use the 'Contact Us' link. A response will be provided within two business days.

To report problems with the eBIMAP service, phone Council on 07 3403 8888. Technical problems will be referred to specialist staff, who will return your call during business hours (8.30am to 5pm).