Standard drawings (UMS)

The standard drawings (ums drawings) show construction layouts and details of infrastructure assets that are acceptable to Brisbane City Council.

Standard UMS Drawings must be referenced (by quoting the drawing number and revision version) or physically included in tender and contract documents for:

  • work to be constructed for Council
  • work in a development to be contributed to Council
  • work on an asset owned by Council

Standard ums drawings are broken into 10 categories. You can download the specific drawing that you need from the drop-down lists.

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This category includes the standard ums drawings index, amendment registers and supplementary notes.

Standard drawings - Preface - drop-down list


This category of the contains miscellaneous standard ums drawings.

Standard drawings - General - drop-down list

Water Sensitive Urban Design

Download the draft Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) ums drawings.

Standard drawings - Water Sensitive Urban Design - drop-down list


This category contains standard ums drawings for roads, kerb and channel, vehicle crossings, fencing, driveways, bikepaths, bus bays/stops/shelters and footpaths.

Standard drawings - Roads - drop-down list


This category contains standard ums drawings for minimum pipe covers, manhole roof, gullies, inlets and outlets.

Standard drawings - Drainage - drop-down list

Hydraulic capture charts

Download the Hydraulic capture standard ums drawings.

Standard drawings - Hydraulic capture charts - drop-down list


This category contains standard ums drawings for retaining walls.

Standard drawings - Structural - drop-down list


This category includes standard ums drawing for tree planting, tree pits, tree trenchs, root deflectors, footpaths, pavers and pedestrian lighting.

Standard drawings - Streetscape - drop-down list

Traffic Signals

The Traffic Signals series of ums drawings have been renumbered to better reflect the content of the series and provide a more logical sequence in the drawing numbers. Use the new Traffic Signal Number Comparison table (PDF - 33kb) to locate the new number of current drawings.

Standard drawings - Traffic Signals - drop-down list

The round pit type shown in previous revision of UMS 623 is no longer used by Brisbane City Council.  Council has adopted the Queensland Main Roads circular pit and cover. Refer to the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (QDTMR) drawings 1415, 1416, 1417-1 and 1417-2.


This category includes standard ums drawings for all park infrastructure, facilities and landscaping.

Standard drawings - Parks - drop-down list


This category includes standard ums drawings for traffic manoeuvring, traffic and street signs, parking regulation signs, pavement and bikeway markings, bike lanes, on-road bike lanes and bike awareness zone.

Standard drawings - Traffic - drop-down list

Road network guidelines

This categorycontains standard ums drawings for Local Traffic Roundabouts, Pedestrian refuge, T junctions, speed platforms, traffic islands, children's crossings and school zones.

Standard drawings - Road network guidelines - drop-down list


The following document lists any amendments to the standard drawings: