Active Communities

Two people walking their dog along a suburban pathwayThe Active Communities program is a new Brisbane City Council initiative to encourage cycling and walking in ten Brisbane suburbs. Promoting cycling and walking around Brisbane is part of Council’s plan to reduce congestion, encourage green, healthy and active travel and keep the city moving.

The Active Communities program will roll out over four years in suburbs which were selected using a range of criteria including existing infrastructure, cycling suitability, local shops, number of schools, number of trips within a five kilometre radius and street patterns. The program contains three phases.


Phase 1 of the program, the consultation phase, involves community information sessions, Community Planning Team meetings, and collation and review of feedback and suggestions. This phase is now complete in the first seven Active Community suburbs with work now underway to prioritise and design Active Communities projects.

Planning work in Chermside, Wishart and Carina will take place this year.

The consultation phase will be followed by:

  • Installation (Phase 2), and
  • Community walking and cycling activities (Phase 3)

Have your say

Council recognises local communities can offer a wealth of knowledge about their neighbourhood. For this reason, Council is seeking input from local residents to help identify the active transport needs in your community.

Community Planning Teams (CPT), made up of various local residents and representatives, will be formed in each Active Communities suburb to share ideas and suggestions.

Contact the project team to register your interest.

Encouraging cycling and walking

Council is taking a suburb-by-suburb approach to improve cycling and walking to local public transport, employment, shops, schools, community facilities and park and recreation areas.

To create more attractive routes, Council will identify areas for new infrastructure, including bike paths, shared walking and cycling paths, road crossings, shade trees and signage. Council will also incorporate active travel education into the program to promote green, active and healthy living.

More information

Council will keep local communities updated throughout the project through community information sessions, newsletters and updates to this website.

To nominate for a Community Planning Team in Chermside, Carina or Wishart, make a suggestion or to receive regular updates, you can:

Brisbane City Council
Active Communities
GPO Box 1434
Brisbane QLD 4001