Robinson Road Open Level Crossing Replacement Project

Brisbane City Council has partnered with BMD Constructions and SMEC Australia in forming the Geebung Overpass (GO) Alliance to deliver the Robinson Road Open Level Crossing Replacement Project.

The appointment of the alliance in October 2012 followed Council and the Queensland Government's commitment to jointly fund the $199 million priority project as well as the replacement of the Telegraph Road open level crossing at Bracken Ridge. Both projects will improve safety and reduce congestion.

This financial year Brisbane City Council will invest more than $1.15 billion for improvements and upgrades to Brisbane's road and bikeway network.

The projects are a key component of the Queensland Government’s strategic transport plan which identified both projects as vital to increase road system efficiency, particularly for public transport and freight through this corridor.


Address Robinson Road and Newman Road, Geebung
Ward Bracken Ridge, Marchant and Deagon wards
Project outcome To reduce congestion and improve safety with the elimination of the rail crossing across Newman Road
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Road overpass bridge open to traffic

A major milestone was reached on Monday 24 March 2014, when the new road overpass bridge opened to traffic. The open level crossing on Newman Road is now permanently closed to all road traffic (except pedestrians).

The project is well on track for completion in late 2014.

The alliance has prepared a range of vehicle travel route maps depicting the new routes that road users should follow now that the bridge is open to traffic.

You can download a copy of the:

About the project

The open level crossing on Newman Road, Geebung, creates significant issues for the community around safety and efficiency.

In addition to addressing the major safety issues at the crossing, a high priority of the project is to enhance Robinson Road as it is an important east-west arterial connection between Gympie Road and Sandgate Road. This has always been a key driver for the project as there are few east-west connections in the area.

The primary function of arterial routes is to connect major centres and carry traffic from residential streets to major motorways and freeways.

Project design

Throughout 2007 and 2008, Council carried out consultation for the project. A number of design options were presented to the community for feedback.

The project design selected by Council as a part of this process was reference design option two, which was found to:

  • be most preferred by the community
  • have better traffic efficiency than the other options
  • require the least number of land acquisitions.

Following the appointment of the GO Alliance in October 2012, the team developed the project design from Council's original reference design. The updated design was released to the community in March 2013.

Early works for the project commenced in early 2013 and major construction is now underway, with the project due for completion in late 2014.

Project benefits

The Robinson Road Open Level Crossing Replacement Project will:

  • improve safety by separating road from rail
  • reduce traffic congestion
  • increase freight and passenger rail efficiency
  • improve pedestrian and cycle links.

The design addresses all areas of the project such as the overpass, intersections, pedestrian and cycle links, property access and the hydrology of the area. Some improvements to the reference design were identified and include:

  • reopening Morrisby Street from Newman Road to one-way traffic to provide better connectivity to Robinson Road East businesses, and provision for new on-street parking
  • inclusion of a new pedestrian overpass, compliant with Disability Discrimination Act 1992, crossing the rail line, west of the existing open level crossing to provide cross corridor and station access
  • realigning Robinson Road West between Bassano Street and Railway Parade, providing improved west bound access from Railway Parade to Robinson Road West and improved access for residential properties in Robinson Road West
  • layout of the new signalised intersection at Bassano Street improved to provide better access to residential properties in Bassano Street
  • relocation and reinstatement of the existing Queensland Rail park and ride facility.

View the project artist's impressions.


Early works for the project are complete and major construction is underway.

The alliance is committed to providing updates and notifications to the community regarding specific construction activities prior to work commencing.

Project timing

Phase Estimated start date Anticipated completion date
Reference design March 2009 Complete
Early land purchase April 2008 Complete
Land acquisitions June 2012 Complete
Updated design March 2013 Released
Early works Early 2013 Mid 2013
Construction Mid 2013 Late 2014

More information

If you have any questions, would like to register for project updates or would like more information about the Robinson Road Open Level Crossing Replacement Project, you can:

  • phone the GO Alliance on 1800 704 749
  • phone Council on 07 3403 8888
  • email the GO Alliance
  • write to:
    Geebung Overpass Alliance
    PO Box 282
    Geebung Qld 4034