TransApex is Brisbane City Council's long-term plan to improve travel across Brisbane. The projects within TransApex will provide new river crossings and connect Brisbane’s motorways and major arterial roads.

The TransApex ring road is a key part of Lord Mayor Graham Quirk's plan to tackle traffic congestion in Brisbane.

There are five key projects in the TransApex inner-city ringroad:

TransApex is the biggest urban road project proposed in Australia.

Road Action Program

The Road Action Program is supporting TransApex by tackling Brisbane’s 21 most congested roads. The program includes the delivery of 63 road upgrade projects to reduce traffic congestion, increase safety and improve access across Brisbane’s local road network.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk’s Road Action Program is a major infrastructure investment that fast tracks 15 years of road works into four years.

Brisbane's transport challenge

With only 32 general traffic lanes across the Brisbane River, all of which are nearly at capacity during peak hour, the need to fix the fundamental flaws in our road network has become critical.

Currently, Brisbane's road network forces motorists and freight vehicles into inner-city suburbs, so much so that almost two-thirds of traffic in these suburbs is actually travelling to destinations outside the CBD.

To ensure Brisbane remains accessible we need:

  • a bypass system that directs cross-city traffic, including heavy haulage vehicles, around the city
  • more traffic lanes across the Brisbane River
  • a better road network that connects existing motorways and major arterial roads

With congestion now at a level where a single incident can impact the entire road network, we need the TransApex ringroad to keep Brisbane moving - now and in the future.

TransApex benefits

By filling the existing gaps in our motorway network, the TransApex ringroad will:

  • ease congestion in our inner and middle suburbs
  • create an additional 16 traffic lanes across the Brisbane River
  • result in faster, safer and more reliable cross-city trips that bypass the CBD
  • improve congestion on existing surface roads, providing opportunities for more reliable public transport
  • provide better access to key growth areas such as the Australia TradeCoast.

A balanced traffic and transport solution

TransApex is just one part of Council's balanced approach to keep Brisbane's traffic moving.

Council is also investing heavily in public and active transport with a record 500 new buses this term, $100 million for bikeways and shared bikepaths, six new CityCats and a range of initiatives to get people walking.

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21 March 2014