Traffic volume counts

Brisbane City Council provides a traffic volume count service for Council-owned traffic light intersections.

Before requesting a traffic count, contact Council to find out if the intersection is Council or Main Roads responsibility.

Traffic count average considerations may include:

  • public and school holidays or other events that significantly affect averages
  • pedestrians or different types of vehicles that cannot be identified
  • turning vehicles cannot be identified from those that are travelling straight, except in designated turning lanes

Other services

Other traffic counts also available include:

  • historical detailed manual traffic count
  • truck count details

Types and fees

Fees are valid from 1 July, 2013. 

Traffic count type Description Minimum fee (including GST)
Average annual daily traffic Average volume per day for the current year to-date $102 (for 3 counts or 1 detailed count)
Detailed traffic count  Traffic count information for a specified period $186 per count 
Phasing sequence The 'phasing sequence' is an intersection map to help you interpret the traffic count results $25.60
Current timing plan The 'time of day' plan lists the current times for scheduled intersection traffic light changes $25.60

How to apply

Download and complete the request form:

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