Traffic volume counts

Brisbane City Council provides a traffic volume count service for Council-owned traffic light intersections.

Before requesting a traffic count, contact Council to find out if the intersection is Council or Main Roads responsibility.

Traffic count average considerations may include:

  • public and school holidays or other events that significantly affect averages
  • pedestrians or different types of vehicles that cannot be identified
  • turning vehicles cannot be identified from those that are travelling straight, except in designated turning lanes

Other services

Other traffic counts also available include:

  • historical detailed manual traffic count
  • truck count details

Types and fees

Fees are valid from 1 July, 2014. 

Note: No fee shall be payable in respect of authorities where an exchange of information is regular practice or where information is required for a survey and the results of which will be made available to the Council and will be of Council's benefit.

Traffic count type Minimum fee (including GST)
Ultimate Traffic Volume Information Reports $234
Automatic counts at signalised intersections - unclassified (daily averages each week, volumes only). Up to three Average Annual Daily Traffic counts or one detailed intersection count  $105
Complex Traffic Count - the Traffic Management Centre will contact customers regarding instances where fees are in excess of the standard minimum fee $192
A4 photocopy of manual traffic counts, including traffic movements and vehicle classifications, per intersection $32.60

How to apply

Download and complete the request form:

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