1+1+1 film competition

One story. One place. One minute.

Thank you to those who submitted inspirational films of places people love around Brisbane.

Congratulations to the 26 people who had their film shortlisted as part of the Plan Your Brisbane 1+1+1 film competition. We asked you to show us what you love most about Brisbane and what you wanted to see more of in the future.


The winner, three runners up and the other shortlisted films are detailed below. Click on the name of each film to view watch.

This table's contents contains the winner, runners up and shortlisted entries information relating to the recent 1+1+1 film competition as a part of the Plan your Brisbane initiative.
Film title Entrant's name
Once Minjae Shin
Runners up:
Garden. Emma Adin
Brisbooks Team W (Jasmina, Dylan and Holly)
Carefree Nik Smirnov
Shortlisted films:
Botanica Unchanok Tengphakwaen
Unique Cody Vlaskamp
4101 Jessica Wallis
Botanic Eddie Smith
Greenspace Atticus Jackson and Ivy Jackson
Escape. Oliver JR Cameron
Walkabout Michael Abraham
Nature Jody Smith
Brisbane Mitchell Talbot 
Mountain Alan Jacobson
Lumen Anna Jacobson
VIEW Jacob Richardson
Lookout Emma Crameri
Walking Michelle Jansen
Gravatt Darren Blin
Southbank Michaelee Parr and Daniel Overend
Market Xu Zhang
Home Izzy Sheehan
Powerhouse Bertrand Moncenix
Metamorphosis Marlene Butteriss
Twilight Kieu D
Sunrise Karl Davis


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Last updated:9 May 2019