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The way we work with you

""When working with you, Brisbane City Council is committed to ensuring you experience the Council values. This forms part of Brisbane's Customer Charter. Council's values include:

Value for money

We strive to continually improve the way we do business. We will continue to review our operations to increase efficiency and effectiveness and deliver improved services to meet customer needs - now and into the future.


We are committed to being clear and open in reporting Council decisions and actions. We will continue to make important information regarding our city and how it is being managed available, including the following:

  • annual budget and corporate plans outlining key areas of expenditure and service
  • an annual report outlining services that have been delivered across the full range of our operations and programs
  • a complete and timely account of Council meetings

Our website allows you to find the latest information and reports at any time.

Consultation on key decisions

We will make every effort to be open and accountable about Council decisions and how they are made. We will:

  • provide you with clear and relevant information
  • consult with you on major issues affecting the future of the city and on local issues that significantly impact on the community and consider your views
  • provide you with feedback on decisions made and the reasons for those decisions

Your City Your Say provides ongoing opportunities for you to be informed and involved in future directions for the city.

Understanding your needs

In addition to consulting with you regarding major decisions and projects, we are committed to:

  • testing ideas, checking our progress and asking you for feedback
  • surveying you in the design and development of products and services
  • seeking your views about the city and our organisation's performance as we move forward

Respect for your privacy

We will respect and protect your personal information through our policies made under right to information and privacy legislation. 

Acknowledgement of your disputes

We recognise there are instances when you will disagree with our actions to enforce local laws. You have the right to dispute infringement notices (also known as on-the-spot-fines or prescribed infringement notices) within 28 days from the date of issue, following the correct legal process.

We will investigate and send you a written decision to let you know if the fine stands or if it has been waived. We will also advise you on your further review rights including access to the independent Disputes Commissioner.

You can find more information on the disputes process, or you can phone Council on 07 3403 8888.    

06 June 2014