Report it: Tree trimming

You can use this form to request trimming of any Council tree (any tree not on private property) in the Brisbane City Council area.

To report an urgent or public safety issue, phone Council's Contact Centre on 07 3403 8888.

Note: All questions are mandatory unless otherwise advised.

Information collected in this form will be handled in accordance with Council's Privacy Policy.

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Contact Energex

Energex is responsible for trimming trees around power lines. You can report trees around power lines on the Energex Website.

Contact provider

Tree trimming around telephone and cable TV lines is at the discretion of the relevant provider. Contact the appropriate provider to report this issue.

Trees on private property

Damage or issues caused to private property by privately owned trees is a civil matter.

The Queensland Government provides advice on resolving civil tree disputes.

Please note: Trees on private property may be protected by vegetation protection laws. Trimming or removal of trees may require an application to carry out the work.

22 February 2018