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Participation guidelines and terms of use

Brisbane City Council's Your Say discussion forums have been established to provide a positive space for people to share ideas and opinions. There are two types of forums:

  1. Current consultation forum – its purpose is to seek direct feedback from the community on a current community consultation topic. Council uses the forum contributions to help inform its decision making process. 

  2. Community forum – provides a space where participants can express their views and ideas with the key purpose being to encourage open community discussion and deliberation on topics that affect us all. 


Anyone can view the discussion taking place in the forums; however those wanting to take part in the discussion must first register as a member of the forum and log in each time before submitting comments.

Adding to the discussion in the "spirit of the forum" will earn you a reputation of being a knowledgeable, informative and a friendly member of the online community. Keeping to the following guidelines will help strengthen your credibility and increase the popularity of your posts within the forums:

  • keep your posts relevant to the forum topic
  • add value to other posts by adding new information to the discussion
  • remember you are posting your comments for everyone so be careful that what you say is appropriate
  • respect fellow participant's posts and be courteous
  • keep the intended spirit of your post clear. Sometimes written words and grammar can be misinterpreted e.g. UPPER CASE IS SHOUTING
  • own your comment: it will help build your reputation
  • keep your comments to the point, more people are likely to read it
  • make sure your facts are correct and always credit your sources so others can find out more information

Terms of use

Posts will be moderated and in the spirit of the forum, Council prohibits:

  • posting or forwarding material that breaks federal, state, or local laws or regulations impersonation of other participants or public figures
  • offensive behaviour such as comments or images that are malicious, defamatory, obscene, discriminatory, insulting, threatening or harassing
  • material that contains or links to any commercial advertising material
  • party political discussion.  Political dissent and debate has a very high tendency to be negative and can degenerate into an argument and create ill feeling in online discussion forums, and this kind of disruption is contrary to the purpose of the forums. Other online forums of discussion are available for party political statements or you can contact your ward Councillor
  • oversize fonts. Only use bold or coloured fonts to highlight your points
  • the use of forums to invade the personal privacy of any other person or group disruption of forums by: 
    • adding unnecessarily large numbers of posts or discussions
    • creating off-topic posts making statements that are inflammatory
    • manipulating topics to disrupt conversation
    • any behaviour that interferes with conversations or stops the ability of others to use and enjoy the forums for their intended purposes

Do you have a specific question, request or complaint for Council?

Please consider whether posting a comment on the discussion forum is the most appropriate way for you to communicate with Council.

If you have specific questions, requests for repairs or complaints to Council that require immediate action you should contact Council or your local Councillor.

Moderation process

Council moderators will not change or edit posts from registered members of the forum, unless a post is submitted and breaks the terms of use. If the terms of use are broken, Council will moderate the post in the following way:

  1. The post will be edited by the forum moderator or removed from view of the forum
  2. The author will be notified by email that the post has been moderated with an explanation of the reason/s why
  3. If a person regularly breaks the terms of use, Council may inactivate their account.

Your City Your Say privacy statement

Council aims to protect Your City Your Say users' interests at all times.

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