Other remissions

Brisbane City Council offers a number of remissions on rates. Remissions include owner-occupied, rate capping, bushland preservation, general rates exemptions and a not-for-profit general rate remission.

Owner-occupied and rate capping remissions

Rate capping is granted on general rates for owner-occupiers of residential properties (categories 1 and 10) and for non-residential/commercial properties included in categories 16 and 17.

This remission caps any increase on general rates to a maximum of 7.5% for categories 1, 10 and 10% for categories 16 and 17 (based on the previous year's net general rates). This means that if the general rates increase is more than the applicable capping amount, Council will grant the amount greater than the cap as a remission.

You do not need to make an application to receive this remission. Once an owner-occupier status is recorded or a property is included in either category 16 or 17, rate capping is automatically added to your rates notice.

The following additional conditions apply to the remission in the case of categories 1 and 10:

  • the owner of the land (or if there is more than one owner, at least one of the owners) must live permanently on the land
  • the concession does not apply to any land held in the name of a trust or company

For more information about eligibility criteria for this remission, refer to the Resolution of Rates and Charges in the Budget.

Owner-occupied multi-residential (single family) premises

Residential owners who have no more than two self-contained dwellings on a single assessment may apply to have their property rated within residential rating category 1 owner-occupied (which receives rate capping).

For more information, download the Owner-occupied multi-residential (single family) premises application (PDF - 125kb)

Bushland preservation remission

Land covered by a Voluntary Conservation Agreement or a Preservation of Wildlife Agreement is exempt from the levy.

Council reviews the bushland preservation levy each year.

Before land can be covered by an agreement, it must go through a formal process of land-owner consultation and independent assessment.

General rates exemptions

If a property is used for public, religious, charitable or educational purposes it may be eligible for exemption from paying general rates.

More information about eligibility criteria for exemptions can be found in the Resolution of Rates and Charges in the budget section.

Application for a general rates exemption must be submitted in writing on letterhead for the relevant organisation, and signed by an authorised signatory. The letter must include the following information:

  • contact name and number
  • address of property
  • rate account number
  • identification of the category and type of organisation

Applications can be submitted by:

  • visiting Council
  • mail to:
    Brisbane City Council
    GPO Box 1434
    Brisbane Qld 4000.

Not-for-profit general rate remission

Council offers a partial rate remission of 50% of general rates to certain not-for-profit organisations that provide or support essential welfare or community services to the residents of Brisbane.

To be eligible, applicants must comply with all the criteria set out in the Not-for-profit organisations partial rate remission scheme online form and provide all required supporting documentation. 

Alternatively, applicants can download the hard copy form.

Discount (Valid from 1 July 2018)

Council offers remissions (discounts) on rates to eligible residents to encourage ratepayers to pay their rates within thirty days of the issuing date. The discounts offered are:

  1. For properties included in categories 1 or 10 determined under 4(a) of the Resolution of Rates and Charges: $60 per annum.
  2. For all other properties: nil. 

If the full amount of the rates account is not paid to Council within thirty days after the account's issue date, interest is charged on the unpaid amount. The current interest rate charged is 11% per annum, compounding daily.

The discount and interest rate is set out in the budget at the end of each financial year.

For more information about eligibility criteria for this discount, refer to the Resolution of Rates and Charges in the budget section.

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Last updated:3 May 2019