Planning and design services | Brisbane City Council

Planning and design services

City Projects Office experts have technical skills in:

  • transport infrastructure
  • water and environment
  • open space and buildings

The team conducts projects in the areas of built environment, engineering, water and environment and sustainable solutions.

Built environment

  • civil infrastructure, urban planning and interior design
  • building engineering services
  • visual, character and cultural assessments
  • feasibility and master planning
  • recreational facilities and playgrounds
  • expert review and peer advice


  • transport and ground engineering
  • traffic signal, road lighting, bikeway and public transport facilities design
  • local area traffic management
  • survey and geotechnical laboratory services
  • road pavement design and rehabilitation

Water and environment

  • town and urban planning
  • stormwater, flood and environmental management
  • drainage and water sensitive urban design
  • contaminated land and acid sulfate soil assessment
  • landfill and site remediation
  • ecological services

Sustainable solutions

  • obtaining third party/Green Building Council Australia 'green star assessment', tracking and reporting
  • building and open space audits, tracking and reporting
  • research and development
  • microclimate analysis and design
  • sustainable material selection
  • sustainable business change management advice
04 March 2019