Brisbane City Council has various maps to find out information about our city. These include any risk of flooding in your suburb, ward areas, online mapping and discover Brisbane's walking trails, bikeways, bushland and gardens.


Flood Awareness Maps

Council's Flood Awareness map is for general awareness about possible flooding in your area. Be prepared for flooding by understanding the risks and taking action. 



Brisbane has many different bikeways for you to enjoy and explore Brisbane. Bikeway maps provide information about on-road and off-road bicycle lanes, bike shelters and cyclepods locations.

""Ward maps

View the Brisbane City Council interactive map and individual ward maps on the Electoral Commission of Queensland website.


Council's mapping service eBIMAP2, has been upgraded and improved with more information and faster access to maps. The online mapping service offers comprehensive information on properties in the Brisbane area.

""Walking trails

Brisbane has a network of walking trails and shared pathways connecting to schools, shops, parks and public transport stations. There are also walking trails to discover Brisbane's public art and history.

""Bushland track maps

Brisbane's natural areas offer walking tracks and bushland areas to enjoy. Find your nearest bushland area.

""Botanic Gardens

The Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mt Coot-tha visitors' map provides details about the gardens highlights, its history and facilities.