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Receive your rate account online

You can receive your Brisbane City Council rate accounts online through the secure environment of your internet banking provider, using BPAY View.

If you receive rate accounts online:

  • you will no longer receive paper rate accounts
  • tip vouchers (if eligible) will be posted to you in July or August.

Online rate accounts

There are benefits with receiving your rate account online, including:

  • saving time
  • quick and easy
  • choosing how to pay your account
  • accessing your rate account at any time, from anywhere
  • environmentally friendly (no paper notices).



To activate BPAY View, you will need to register for internet banking with your financial institution.

To verify your BPAY View registration, you need the following information from your rate account:

  • rate account number (use this number if prompted to enter a BPAY View number)
  • bill number
  • biller code (78550)
  • property location
  • current email address.

Follow the steps to receive your rate account online.

Council will email you advising successful registration.

Receiving your rate account

When you receive your rates online, your:

  • financial institution will send you an email notification when a rate account is issued
  • rate account will be available for you to view and pay when you log into internet banking 
  • electronic rate account will look the same as the printed version
  • rate account can be printed or saved if required.


To cancel BPAY View:

  • delete Brisbane City Council as a biller in your internet banking; or
  • contact Council.

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