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Digital technology is now a way of life and influences most interactions we have. At the heart of a successful digital-city strategy, we need to truly embody a focus on seamless customer experience.

Whether paying a fine or bill online, finding rubbish collection times or locating details of a local park, residents and visitors no longer draw a distinction between which platform they obtain information from. They just want a consistent, familiar, relevant and meaningful experience with Council at every touch point, on their desired channel.

In order to deliver these kinds of experiences for Brisbane businesses, residents and visitors, Council has embarked upon a program of continuous improvement that puts usability, accessibility, shareability and findability at the heart of everything we do in the digital space.

Digital innovation projects

Bris Quiz

Choose your own adventure as you make your way through Briz Quiz and test your knowledge about Brisbane.


Try Council's online home readiness checklist to see if your property is ready for a storm or severe weather event.

Council service delivery

Explore the breadth of Council's service delivery across Brisbane in this interactive data visualisation.


Council has started streamlining the process of reporting issues around Brisbane. Over 40 online forms were created in 2014-15.


Use our interactive house to understand risks associated with severe weather and to help you prepare for floods and storm season.


Brisbane's culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) communities now have access to Council information in five languages.

See Kurilpa like you've never seen before with our interactive 360° aerial view. 


Brisbane residents share their experiences around accessibility and inclusion in Brisbane. You can also read the text version.

Right now in Brisbane

26 October 2018