Challenge: neighbourhoods

Challenge statement

How might we support and enable residents to celebrate the local area’s identity and actively contribute to its future so that neighbours form a community with pride in their local place? 

Brisbane is a friendly, inclusive, welcoming and vibrant city with an enviable lifestyle. 

Our suburbs are made up of their own unique mix of people and place. When residents work together to create initiatives and spaces that are meaningful and ‘owned’ by the community, it leads to a true sense of pride and belonging. It also means residents are more empowered and actively involved in shaping the places where they live, work and relax.

During the recent Plan Your Brisbane activity, more than 100,000 residents, spanning every suburb, had their say on their priorities for Brisbane. From this, guiding principles were identified and they form Brisbane’s Future Blueprint including ‘create a city of neighbourhoods’ and ‘empower and engage residents’.  

We are calling on businesses, academia and community groups to work together to find new ways for neighbourhoods to foster their local identity and pride of place.

Background to the challenge

Our diverse city is richer for its unique local communities – they shape our lives in powerful and interesting ways. It is within these local communities that people spend most of their time and are most comfortable.

In various forms – whether it be city planning projects, new facilities such as libraries and leisure centres or sponsoring local festivals and events - Council is helping to build vibrant and proud communities. But Brisbane belongs to all of us, so local residents and businesses also need to play an active role and take ownership of the success of their communities.

Technology platforms are providing opportunities for people to connect, fund and deliver community-led place-making and identity-shaping activities in ways that they could not before. As demonstrated by Council’s recent Plan Your Brisbane project, new approaches to community engagement can empower residents to have their say and engage in conversation about the future of their neighbourhoods.

Council initiatives and data

A list of Council’s current initiatives and strategies focused on building vibrant, empowered and proud local communities are listed below.


As part of our vision for a Smart, Connected Brisbane, Council releases open data to the public to encourage civic innovation. To find out what datasets are available that may help to solve this challenge, visit Council's Open Data website.

Last updated:2 May 2019