I have a business and am seeking a pop-up space

Are you an emerging business interested in occupying a vacant suburban shop on a temporary basis to give your business a boost? Then register your interest in Brisbane City Council's new Suburban Shopfront Activation pilot program.

Review the Suburban Shopfront Activation disclaimer before considering registering your interest.

Eligibility requirements

Council is looking for emerging businesses that:

  • do not have an existing premises
  • would otherwise be unable to afford normal commercial rents
  • are looking for a space to test a product or idea
  • will bring interest and activity to suburban shopping strips.

Eligible emerging businesses include:

  • start-ups
  • social enterprises
  • not-for-profit organisations
  • creative entrepreneurs
  • home businesses that want to try out having a commercial space.

Food and beverage businesses requiring a food business licence are not eligible for this program. If you are an emerging food and/or beverage business that requires a food business licence, consider testing your product by establishing a market food stall.

How it works

Council’s Business Liaison Officers maintain a register of interested emerging businesses to assist property owners in finding a suitable temporary tenant.

When property owners with vacant properties contact Council for assistance, our Business Liaison Officers will use the register to suggest temporary tenants that may meet the property owner’s needs.

Council recommends that the property owner enters into an occupancy licence, which may be guided by Council’s sample pop-up occupancy licence clauses. Those clauses suggest a 30-day term and tenant charges limited to cover utilities and outgoings. Council is not party to any occupancy licence.

You should be aware that tenancies are not free to use. There are insurances and other potential costs to consider.

Emerging businesses that enter into an occupancy licence agreement with a property owner as a result of registering interest in Council’s Suburban Shopfront Activation program may be eligible to apply for a Suburban Shopfront Activation Grant to support occupancy costs, such as insurances, temporary fit-out, lease costs or marketing the space.

Council’s Business Liaison Officers will provide ongoing support and assistance to temporary tenants participating in Council’s Suburban Shopfront Activation program.

Registration of interest for pop-up spaces

Register your interest by completing the registration of interest for pop-up space online form.

Suburban Shopfront Activation disclaimer

Brisbane City Council provides no warranty regarding the suitability, accuracy, reliability, fitness for purpose, effectiveness, benefits of or outcomes from any content, products, information or materials provided through these webpages, forms and related documents in support of the Suburban Shopfront Activation Initiative. Participants use and rely upon the content, products, information and documents at their own risk.

Whilst Brisbane City Council will use its best endeavours, no responsibility is accepted for the suitability or fitness for purpose of any introduction, matching or partnering of property owners with interested start-ups, businesses for the vacant spaces and no endorsement or validation is implied or offered by Council by reason of that introduction. Participants must satisfy themselves through their own checks, enquiries and /or inspections in that regard.

Brisbane City Council provides no representation, warranty or guarantee as to any outcome, benefit or advantage, tangible or intangible, arising from or in relation to any opportunity or introduction offered, accepted or declined by a participant in the Initiative and Brisbane City Council accepts no liability for any loss, damage, debts, costs, or expenses incurred or attaching to a participant through its involvement with this Initiative.

Last updated:12 June 2020