Events and opportunities in Brisbane's sister cities

Brisbane City Council is proud of our strong sister city relationships with nine sister cities throughout the Asia Pacific and Middle East which advances the economic benefits and opportunities for Brisbane-based businesses.

This page lists upcoming major events and activities taking place in Brisbane's nine sister cities as well as contact information, should you be interested in participating in any of the events.

Dates (2020) Event
4 January India Diagnostic Expo, Hyderabad
5–8 January The 26th International Conference on Multimedia Modelling (MMM 2020), Daejeon
11–18 January Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, Abu Dhabi
13-16 January Smart Cities Expo and Forum, Abu Dhabi
13–16 January Ecowaste, Abu Dhabi
13-16 January Energy Efficiency Expo, Abu Dhabi
13–16 January WFES Solar Expo, Abu Dhabi
15–16 January Digital Banking Innovation Conference Asia Pacific 2020, Shenzhen
21-22 January The Sport Business Summit, Abu Dhabi
22–25 January Bride & The Bride Show Arabia, Abu Dhabi
2–5 February Abu Dhabi Pro-Am presented by Troon Golf, Abu Dhabi
6 February Global Education EXPO Feb 2020, Abu Dhabi
7 February ARC Middle East, Abu Dhabi (Architect conference)
6–13 February World Urban Forum 2020 Abu Dhabi
15–17 February 3rd International Conference on Big Data Management, Shenzhen
15–17 February 12th International Conference on Machine Learning and Computing, Shenzhen
17 February 10th Kaohsiung MIZUNO International Marathon, Kaohsiung
17–19 February BioAsia, Hyderabad
20–22 February Central and Western China Medical Equipment Fair Chongqing (CWMEE), Chongqing
23–25 February Unmanned Systems Exhibition & Conference, Abu Dhabi
24 February ACETECH, Hyderabad
24–26 February SIGN China 2020, Shenzhen
24–26 February LED China 2020, Shenzhen
24–26 February Digital Signage 2020, Shenzhen
24–26 February Commercial Integration China, Shenzhen
24–26 February Retail China 2020, Shenzhen
25-26 February UNLOCK Blockchain 2020 Forum, Abu Dhabi
25–29 February Deccan Festival, Hyderabad
27 February Aquaex India 2020, Hyderabad
27–29 February 5th International Conference on Mechanical, Manufacturing, Modeling and Mechatronics (IC4M 2020), Shenzhen
27–29 February 5th International Conference on Design Engineering and Science (ICDES 2020), Shenzhen
28 February–1 March 5th International Flora Expo, Hyderabad
1–5 March Abu Dhabi Air Expo
3–5 March Asia Pacific Wind Energy Expo, Kaohsiung
5–8 March Greater Bay Area International Footwear Machinery & Material Industry Fair, Shenzhen
8–12 March WUWHS Congress, Abu Dhabi
8 March ITU World Triathlon, Abu Dhabi
9–10 March Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture, Abu Dhabi
9–11 March Viv Mea 2020, Abu Dhabi
11–12 March Project Management Symposium and Exhibition, Semarang
11 March International Education Expo, Kaohsiung
12–15 March International Boat Show, Kaohsiung
14–17 March China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair, Shenzhen
15-19 March International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants (ICAPP) 2020, Abu Dhabi
17 March Infosecurity Middle East 2020, Abu Dhabi
18–19 March Go Digital Oil & Gas Middle East, Abu Dhabi
19–21 March Asia Rubber & Plastics Expo 2020 (ARP), Shenzhen
19–22 March Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition, Shenzhen
22 March Chongqing International Marathon, Chongqing
23-27 March Shenzhen International Import Fair, Shenzhen
25–27 March China Metal & Metallurgical Products Exhibition (CMPI), Chongqing
25–28 March Kaohsiung Industrial Automation Exhibition
26–27 March World Congress on Nutrition and Obesity Prevention, Abu Dhabi
27–29 March IEEE 4th Information Technology, Networking, Electronic and Automation Control Conference (ITNEC 2020), Chongqing
28–29 March 5th Augmented World Expo (AWE) Asia Conference, Shenzhen
28–29 March Go Green Expo, Auckland
28–29 March Auckland Better Food Fair
29 March Hyderabad River Half Marathon, Hyderabad
29 March-1 April Healthy Cities Summit, Seminar and Expo, Semarang
30 March–2 April 21st Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (SIMM), Shenzhen
31 March-1April Annual Drones, Counter Drones and UAS Middle East, Abu Dhabi
31 March-2 April International Exhibition for security and National Resilience, Abu Dhabi
31 March–2 April China International Fashion Brand Fair, Shenzhen
31 March–2 April Fire & Emergency Middle East 2020, Abu Dhabi
2–4 April International Motor Show Abu Dhabi
2–4 April Custom Show Emirates, Abu Dhabi
5-9 April Culture Summit, Abu Dhabi
10 April 18th China International Green Building Decoration Materials Exhibition 2020 (BMChina), Chongqing
14–16 April Cityscape – Abu Dhabi
15–17 April ANUFood China, Shenzhen
24–26 April 3rd International Conference on Energy, Electrical and Power Engineering (CEEPE), Chongqing
24–26 April International Workshop on Smart Grid (IWSG 2020), Chongqing
25-26 April World Game Expo, Abu Dhabi
25–28 April 28th China International Gifts, Handicrafts, Watches & Houseware Fair, Shenzhen
TBC, April Conference on International Exchange of Professionals, Shenzhen
TBC, April Shenzhen Design Week and Shenzhen Global Design Awards, Shenzhen
TBC, April Shenzhen Smart City Forum for International Friendship Cities, Shenzhen
5–6 May Semarang Night Carnival, Semarang
10–13 May 2020 Institute for Basic Science – Keynote Symposia Conference on Neurocircuitry of Social Behaviour, Daejeon
14–16 May IJK International Jewellery Exhibition, Kobe
16–17 May Kobe Festival, Kobe
18–19 May RICS World Built Environment Forum Summit 2020, Shenzhen
18–24 May New Zealand Tech Week
25-26 May 11th International Conference on Healthcare Innovation and Technology, Abu Dhabi
25–27 May 14th China International Battery Fair, Shenzhen
28–30 May Environmental Protection Expo (EP Expo), Chongqing
TBC, May China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair 2020 (ICIF)
TBC, May Mt. Gyejoksan Barefoot Festival, Daejeon
1 June Bride Abu Dhabi 2020, Abu Dhabi
2–5 June Laserfair Shenzhen (LFSZ), Shenzhen
12–14 June IEEE 5th Information Technology and Mechatronics Engineering Conference (ITOEC 2020), Chongqing
12–15 June 12th International Conference on Communication Software and Networks (ICCSN 2020), Chongqing
19–22 June China Watch & Clock Fair (CWCF), Shenzhen
21–23 June Fine Food New Zealand, Auckland
22-23 June 26th International Conference on Human Metabolic Health- Diabetes, Obesity & Endocrinology, Abu Dhabi
25–26 June Block Chain Summit 2020, Daejeon
TBC, June Kaohsiung Dragon Boat Festival and International Dragon Boat Races
19–23 July The 18th International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilisation (ICCDU2020), Daejeon
20–23 July Building NZ, Auckland
30 July Food Show Auckland, Auckland
TBC, July World Children's Baseball Fair, Kaohsiung
16–20 August 2020 PICMET (Portland International Center for Management of Engineering and Technology), Daejeon
21–24 August Taiwan International Water Show, Kaohsiung
3–13 September Auckland Home Show, Auckland
14–16 September CPhl, Pharma Regional Exhibition, Abu Dhabi
18 September–4 October 2020 Gyeryong World Military Culture Expo, Daejeon
23-25 September China International Logistics and Supply Chain Fair, Shenzhen
29 September–3 October Abu Dhabi International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition, Abu  Dhabi
TBC, September 2020 Daejeon International Wine Festival, Daejeon
26–28 September Taiwan Agriculture Week Taiwan International Fisheries & Seafood Show Taiwan International Fruit and Vegetable Show
12–16 October 2020 International Union of Microbiological Societies Congress, Daejeon
24–27 October Kaohsiung Food Show and Kaohsiung Wine & spirits Festival (KWSF), Kaohsiung
28–30 October Global Harbor Cities Forum 2020, Kaohsiung
TBC, October 2020 Daejeon Science Festival, Daejeon
TBC, October Semarang Business Forum 2020, Semarang
TBC, October Central Java Manufacturing Exhibition & Conference 2020, Semarang
TBC, October China Marine Economy Expo 2020, Shenzhen
TBC, October Kaohsiung Film Festival
TBC, October Kaohsiung Design Festival
TBC, November Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair, Shenzhen
TBC, November China Hi-tech Fair, Shenzhen
2 – 4 December Asia’s Sustainable Supply & Circular Economy Conference and Exhibition, Kaohsiung
TBC, December Marine Culture Festival, Kaohsiung

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Last updated:5 February 2020