Events and opportunities in Brisbane's sister cities

Brisbane City Council is proud of our strong sister city relationships with nine sister cities throughout the Asia Pacific and Middle East which advances the economic benefits and opportunities for Brisbane-based businesses.

This page lists upcoming major events and activities taking place in Brisbane's nine sister cities as well as contact information, should you be interested in participating in any of the events.

Due to coronavirus, some Sister City events may be cancelled or postponed. We will provide updates on these events as they become available.

For the latest updates on Council’s response to coronavirus, view our Coronavirus: Council updates and impacts page.

Dates (2020) Event
21-24 August Taiwan International Water Show, Kaohsiung
27 August Virtual - International Conference on Science, Engineering & Technology, Abu Dhabi
27 August Virtual - International Conference on Health and Medicine, Abu Dhabi
31 August-3 September International Signs & LED Exhibition, Shenzhen
3 September International Conference on Renewable, Environment and Agriculture, Chongqing
3 September Virtual - World Conference on Teacher Education, Abu Dhabi
3-5 September Taiwan SMART Agriweek (TAW), Kaohsiung  
Taiwan International Fruit and Vegetable Show (TFVS), Kaohsiung 
Taiwan Agriculture Technology Expo (AGRITECH) 
Taiwan Cold Chain Expo (TCCE)  
Taiwan International Flower Expo (TFEX)  
4-6 September Shenzhen International Medical Tourism Fair, Shenzhen
9 September Semarang Business Forum 2020, Semarang
9-11 September Internet of Things Smart Future Expo, Shenzhen
9-13 September Auckland Home Show, Auckland
10-12 September Chongqing International Industrial Water Technology Treatment and Waste Gas Treatment Technology Expo, Chongqing
11 September Virtual – Smart China Expo Online Roadshow, Chongqing
11-13 September Shenzhen International Biotech and Health Industry Expo, Shenzhen
14-16 September Event postponed until 5-16 October 2020 - CPhl, Pharma Regional Exhibition, Abu Dhabi
15-17 September Virtual – Smart China Expo Online, Chongqing
17-20 September Kaohsiung Building Show 2020, Kaohsiung  
18 September-4 October Event postponed until 1 October 2021 - Gyeryong World Military Culture Expo, Daejeon
23-25 September China International Logistics and Supply Chain Fair, Shenzhen
29 September-3 October Event postponed until 28 September 2021 - Abu Dhabi International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition, Abu  Dhabi
3 October Virtual – International Conference on Future Business, Abu Dhabi
8-11 October Auckland Boat Show, Auckland
12-16 October 2020 International Union of Microbiological Societies Congress, Daejeon
15 October China Marine Economy Expo 2020, Shenzhen
16-18 October Asian Conference on Artificial Intelligence Technology, Chongqing
16 October-1 November Kaohsiung Film Festival, Kaohsiung
16-18 October 2020 Daejeon International Wine Festival, Daejeon
20-23 October China International Gift and Home Products Fair, Shenzhen
21-23 October Block Chain Summit 2020, Daejeon
22-25 October Kaohsiung Food Show. Kaohsiung
Kaohsiung Wine & spirits Festival (KWSF), Kaohsiung
Kaohsiung Horeca, Kaohsiung  
23-25 October Chongqing International Building Decoration Expo, Chongqing
28-30 October Global Harbor Cities Forum 2020, Kaohsiung
28-30 October China International Fashion Brand Fair, Shenzhen
29-31 October Game Con, Abu Dhabi
TBC, October 2020 Daejeon Science Festival, Daejeon
TBC, October Central Java Manufacturing Exhibition & Conference 2020, Semarang
TBC, October Kaohsiung Design Festival, Kaohsiung
5-8 November International Conference on Robotics, Control and Automation Engineering, Chongqing
6-8 November China Senior Citizen Expo, Chongqing
11-15 November Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair, Shenzhen
China eHealth Expo, Shenzhen
China Hi-tech Fair, Shenzhen
20-22 November Chongqing International Food & Beverage & Catering Industry Expo, Chongqing
20-23 November China International Tea Industry Fair, Chongqing
2-4 December Asia’s Sustainable Supply & Circular Economy Conference and Exhibition, Kaohsiung
10-11 December Blockchain World Forum, Shenzhen
17-21 December Global Tea Fair, Shenzhen
28-30 December International Medical Devices Exhibition, Shenzhen
TBC, December Marine Culture Festival, Kaohsiung
Early-mid December Event cancelled - Kobe Luminaire 2020, Kobe

Contact us

If you are interested in participating in any of the events taking place in Brisbane's sister cities, please contact the International Relations and Multicultural Affairs Unit to discuss your plans and possible areas of assistance by:

  • email
  • phone: 07 3403 8888 and ask for the International Relations and Multicultural Affairs Unit
  • mail to:
    International Relations and Multicultural Affairs Unit
    GPO Box 2287
    Brisbane Qld 4001

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Last updated:26 August 2020