Events and opportunities in Brisbane's sister cities

Brisbane is proud of our strong sister city relationships with nine sister cities throughout the Asia Pacific and Middle East which advances the economic benefits and opportunities for Brisbane-based businesses.

On this page, you will find a list of major events and activities taking place in 2019 in Brisbane's nine sister cities as well as contact information, should you be interested in participating in any of the events.

A list of sister city events including date, title and location
Dates (2019) Event
21–23 August International Symposium on Green Energy and Smart Grid (SGESG), Chongqing
23–25 August 2019 Daejeon International Wine Festival, Daejeon
26–29 August Smart China Expo, Chongqing
30–31 August International Conference on Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Computing (AICC), Hyderabad
11 September Shenzhen International Biotech and Health Industry Expo, Shenzhen
20 September Chongqing International Food & Beverage & Catering Industry Expo, Chongqing
24–27 September FAOPMA – Pest Summit, Daejeon
25–28 September Green Building Congress, Hyderabad
26–28 September Taiwan International Fruit and Vegetable Show (TFVS), Kaohsiung
26–28 September Taiwan Agriculture Week (TAW), Kaohsiung
26–30 September Rugby World Cup, Kobe
30 September Overseas Education Expo, Kaohsiung
3–5 October India Warehousing & Logistics Show (IWLS), Hyderabad
3–8 October Rugby World Cup, Kobe
14–18 October The 40th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing (ACRS2019), Daejeon
18–21 October 2019 Daejeon Science Festival, Daejeon
23–26 October Manufacturing Central Java (Manufacturing Semarang), Semarang
24 October Shenzhen International Boat Show (SIBEX), Shenzhen
24–27 October Kaohsiung Food Show (Food KH), Kaohsiung
24–27 October Kaohsiung Wine & Spirits Festival (KWSF), Kaohsiung
1–3 November The 7th International Conference on Robot Intelligence Technology and Applications (RiTA 2019), Daejeon
1–3 November International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture Technologies (ICSAT), Kaohsiung
1–3 November International Conference on Sustainable Development and Green Technology (SDGT), Kaohsiung
2–5 November World Congress on Procedural Law, Kobe
6–13 November  UNLEASH LAB 2019, Shenzhen
7–8 November Auckland Build 2019
10–13 November 2019 ACM International Conference on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces (ACM ISS 2019), Daejeon
11–12 November Cell Therapy Asia, Kobe
13 November China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF), Shenzhen
15–17 November International Conference on Communication and Network Security (ICCNS), Chongqing
17 November Shenzhen Real Estate Expo (SREX), Shenzhen
25 – 26 November Mirayah: A Luxury Fashion and Style Exhibition, Hyderabad
4 December China International Natural Food and Beverage Expo, Chongqing
6–8 December India Med Expo (IME), Hyderabad
12–15 December Art Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung

Events listed in this calendar may be changed or cancelled at the discretion of the organiser. Council is not liable for any changes or cancellations of these events.

Contact us

If you are interested in participating in any of the events taking place in Brisbane's sister cities, please contact the International Relations and Multicultural Affairs Unit to discuss your plans and possible areas of assistance by:

  • email
  • phone: 07 3403 8888 and ask for the International Relations and Multicultural Affairs Unit
  • mail to:
    International Relations and Multicultural Affairs Unit
    GPO Box 2287
    Brisbane Qld 4001

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Last updated:11 September 2019