Community, Arts and Lifestyle Committee

Committee membership

Summary of the Community, Arts and Lifestyle Committee Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Members.
Chair Councillor Peter Matic
Deputy Chair Councillor Fiona Cunningham
Shadow Chair Councillor Kara Cook

Councillor Peter Cumming

Councillor Kate Richards

Councillor Tracy Davis

The responsibilities of the Community, Arts and Lifestyle Committee are to:

  • enhance the lifestyle of Brisbane, and:
    • develop vibrant and caring local Brisbane communities
    • ensure a focus on the customer in the design and delivery of Council services
    • ensure contact with Council is made as easy as possible through the Contact Centre, Customer Service Centres, Regional Business Centres and other channels
    • promote and provide opportunities for Brisbane residents to have an active and healthy lifestyle
    • provide libraries as community hubs throughout the city
    • provide exciting, vibrant cultural activities for Brisbane residents
    • partner with community and business organisations to sponsor and deliver family and community services
    • ensure Brisbane is a safe city
    • minimise environmental health risks and safety hazards
    • ensure compliance with local laws and regulations
    • provide high quality community venues and recreation facilities
    • monitor the performance of Council businesses in the areas of on and off-street parking and cemeteries.
Last updated:24 July 2019