Field Services Committee

Committee membership

Summary table of the Field Services Committee Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Members,
Chair Councillor Vicki Howard
Deputy Chair Councillor Kim Marx
Shadow Chair Councillor Peter Cumming

Councillor Lisa Atwood

Councillor Steven Huang

Councillor Charles Strunk

The responsibilities of the Field Services Committee are to:

  • work across Committee portfolios to:
    • ensure citywide removal of graffiti
    • maintain and manage parks and green spaces including grass cutting, trees on Council land, street and park furniture, park signs and playgrounds
    • manage road and footpath maintenance including signs, lines, pothole repairs and weed control
    • manage urban cleansing activities including city malls cleansing, litter control, street sweeping and gum removal
    • ensure the conduct of mosquito, vegetation and pest control
    • ensure that Brisbane is a leading city in waste management and resource recovery
    • ensure coordination with the State Emergency Services during localised incident and disaster response activities
    • enhance and maximise the operation of fleet services.
Last updated:16 October 2019