Election signs on footpaths

You can place election signs on footpaths at any time as part of an election display. These election signs can be static or hand held (including waving placards). An election display is the area in which a custodian has responsibility for the election signs as well as any tables or chairs. You do not need approval from Brisbane City Council for an election display on the footpath, as long as you comply with the following conditions:

  • election signs do not obstruct pedestrians or traffic, constitute a safety hazard or interfere with public infrastructure
  • no election signs are to be erected or placed on a median strip or roundabout
  • a custodian must not be more than six metres away from any sign in the election display at any time
  • the maximum number of election signs that may be displayed per election display is four signs
  • a double-sided election sign is counted as two signs
  • the maximum size of each election sign is 0.6 square metres
  • if the election sign involves the use of digital media, the sign must only use static images (i.e. no animation or moving pictures)
  • no continuous signage devices may be exhibited.

Other signs advocating for a particular cause or issue may be included in an election display as part of the maximum number of signs, with permission of the custodian. If a sign advocating for a particular cause or issue is not part of an election display, written approval from Council is required.

Election signs and not permitted in Council parks or malls without written approval from Council.

Election sign enforcement

Find out the guidelines for political parties, candidates and elected representatives by downloading:

Last updated: 13 February 2020