Mobile Vehicle Election Signs

A Mobile Vehicle Election Sign is an Election Sign displayed on a vehicle (including a bicycle) where the display of the Election Sign is the primary use of the vehicle.

During the permitted exhibition period, approval from Council for Mobile Vehicle Election Signs is not required provided the signs adhere to the following conditions:

  • the vehicle is lawfully parked
  • maximum length of 3.5 metres
  • maximum height of two metres
  • maximum area of seven square metres
  • if the election sign involves the use of digital media, the sign must only use static images (i.e. no animation or moving pictures)
  • digital images must not change while the vehicle is in motion
  • for parked (standing) vehicles, the digital image must not change any more frequently than every eight seconds.

The permitted exhibition period is:

  • for fixed term elections, referendums or plebiscites, the period beginning 35 days before the polling date and ending on the date which is seven days after the relevant election date, and
  • for non-fixed term elections, the period beginning on the date on which the writ of election is issued and ending on the date which is seven days after the relevant election date.

These provisions do not apply to messaging incorporated into the livery of a vehicle (e.g. a ‘wrapped car’) that is driven, parked or otherwise used for private purposes or in the ordinary course of doing business. 

  • Example 1: If a candidate parks their vehicle alongside a road that fronts premises to attend a campaign event, the primary purpose is for business use, not for advertising.
  • Example 2: If a candidate parks their vehicle in a shopping centre car park while they do their grocery shopping, the primary purpose is for personal use, not for advertising.

Election sign enforcement

Find out the guidelines for political parties, candidates and elected representatives by downloading:

Last updated: 23 September 2020