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What capital investment means for Brisbane's economy

In a sign of strength for Brisbane's economy, investment is returning to the city.

Capital investment indicates improved confidence among businesses and also helps increase productive capacity, income and jobs in the future. Major projects providing capital investment around Brisbane's key economic precincts include the Howard Smith Wharves redevelopment, Queen's Wharf in the CBD, Brisbane Airport's second runway at Australia TradeCoast and the Metroplex Westgate industrial park in the South West Industrial Gateway.

Private capital investment growth reached 9.5% in June 2017, the highest rate of growth for five years. Data for 2017 from Deloitte's Investment Monitor also shows a sharp increase in the investment pipeline in Brisbane. Deloitte's Investment Monitor reports the value of under-construction and committed projects in the city has expanded by 71% since the start of 2017 to be $13.2 billion at the end of June.

Top 5 industries - August 2017

Industry division Brisbane Local Government Area (LGA)* Greater Brisbane*
Health Care and Social Assistance 113,600 155,700
Retail Trade 84,400 120,000
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services 81,800 105,700
Construction 73,500 112,000
Education and Training 69,800 95,700

*Number of people employed

Key fact highlights

  • $154 billion Greater Brisbane economy
  • 191,486 Greater Brisbane businesses
  • 2,360,241 Greater Brisbane population
  • 1,187,683 Greater Brisbane employment
  • 1,622,626 Greater Brisbane employment forecast 2041


Brisbane City Council uses a range of sources (available at time of print) to compile this information, including Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and Queensland Treasury.

For the full Brisbane Economic Snapshot, please visit brisbane.qld.gov.au/business and search 'Economic Snapshot'.

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22 January 2018