On a roll: the rising popularity of food trucks | Brisbane City Council

On a roll: the rising popularity of food trucks

Food trucks are one of the key contributors in the renaissance of Brisbane's foodie culture.

From buffalo wings to gourmet sliders, food trucks showcase some of the city's most mouth-watering cuisines in casual outdoor locations. Their increasing popularity is driven by key benefits of food trucks over traditional fixed restaurants including:
  • a smaller upfront capital requirement
  • spreading the social benefit of good food further because of their mobility
  • enabling the activation of city spaces with unique and creative food experiences.

Council has nurtured this popularity through the Brisbane Food Trucks website. The site streamlines the process for food truck operators to book sites and broadcast their location to hungry customers via live maps. Since it launched in July 2016, the number of registered food trucks has more than doubled and the site has received more than 500,000 visitors.


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13 July 2018