Brisbane Innovate 2018 | Brisbane City Council

Educate, Ideate, Collaborate.

Brisbane Innovate is Council’s annual open innovation event, bringing together private industry, academia, local start-ups and the community to generate ideas to solve citywide challenges. This year’s challenges will focus on unlocking the value of waste, tackling social isolation and empowering local communities to create vibrant and proud neighbourhoods.

Held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre for the first time, Brisbane Innovate 2018 will feature an inspirational keynote, thought-provoking panel discussion and roundtable session. You can take part as an active problem solver or community participant and collaborate on solutions to make Brisbane an even better place to live, work, relax and do business.

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Find out who this year's speakers are and their areas of specialty.

Read about the Brisbane Innovate process and how you can take part.

How might we create a new waste economy by unlocking waste as a resource?

How might we better connect Brisbane's communities who are potentially excluded or isolated?

How might we enable residents to celebrate the local area’s identity and contribute to its future?

Find out how we are using technology, data and innovation to deliver a Smart, Connected Brisbane.


Find out what datasets are available to help solve the challenge topics.

12 October 2018