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Brisbane Innovate process

Brisbane Innovate is Council’s flagship innovation event. It brings together Brisbane’s businesses and residents to solve our city’s problems in a way that’s collaborative and innovative. It’s an event for people who want to make Brisbane an even better place to live, work and relax.  

Brisbane Innovate 2018 process and timeline

When What Status
19 September 2018 Challenge statements are released and event registrations open Complete
10 October 2018 Warm up event at The Capital. Learn more about the challenges and have the opportunity to meet other problem solvers and potential collaboration partners. Council will also provide more information on the process for Brisbane Innovate 2018. Complete
7 November 2018 Brisbane Innovate event at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. The event will include an inspiring keynote and panel discussion, followed by roundtables where you'll have the opportunity to explore solutions, identify collaboration partners and seek community feedback. Complete
9 December 2018 Solutions to be submitted to Council for consideration.   
Early 2019 Council will assess proposed solutions against the criteria and will contact chosen participants to discuss opportunities to progress solutions.  

Submitting a solution

Applications are now open for submissions.

Following the summit event, problem solvers, including those who were unable to attend, now have an opportunity to refine their solutions and submit them to Council.

Eligibility criteria

Solutions being considered should:

Online submission

To complete a submission, you will need to provide the following information:

  • contact details, solution name and challenge being solved
  • how the solution meets the eligibility criteria (500 words)
  • collaboration summary (500 words)
  • how you will deliver the solution, including the timeframe (500 words)
  • potential barriers to delivery and methods for overcoming them (500 words).

You can attach three supporting documents to support your proposal.

Make an online submission.

Opportunities to progress solutions

If Council deems that solutions meet the above criteria, we will enter into conversations with proponents on ways to progress, appropriate to the challenge and solution. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • further exploration of the solution through the new Brisbane Innovation Lab
  • partnering with Council to deliver a proof of concept, via the Better Brisbane Proposals process
  • coordinating support to connect key players in the relevant sectors
  • exploration of data and expertise Council can provide.
06 December 2018