Terms and conditions - Brisbane Innovate 2017 | Brisbane City Council

Terms and conditions - Brisbane Innovate 2017

Read the terms and conditions for Brisbane Innovate 2017.

  1. Brisbane City Council, as hosts of Brisbane Innovate, reserves the right to refuse any application for registration without giving a reason.
  2. Substitutions are welcome up to 48 hours prior to the event. Notice of substitution must be provided via email to the event coordinator on Brisbane-Innovate@brisbane.qld.gov.au.
  3. Programme content/speakers is/are subject to change without notice.
  4. Selection of roundtable participants is at the sole discretion of Brisbane City Council:
    • we will select based on the quality/relevance of the response to the application question
    • we are looking for a diverse representation across the innovation community (businesses, academia, start-ups, public sector)
    • we are looking for participants to demonstrate experience in the particular subject matter areas of their chosen topic
    • selection will be completed by representatives from Brisbane City Council
    • judging of entries will be by the criteria in the dot points above
    • the selection team may request further information from you at their discretion at any time
    • the decisions of the selection team are final and no discussion or correspondence will be entered into
    • the selection team may in its absolute discretion make determinations in respect of the eligibility of any applicant including any question of conflict of interest.  All such determinations will be final and no discussion or correspondence will be entered into concerning them
    • Council reserves the right to accept or refuse late entries at its discretion and without notifying other applicants.
  5. Photograph and video consent.
    • we love to share what happens at the event and throughout the day will take photographs or videos
    • they may be used in a number of mediums including publications and promotional material
    • by entering the event you agree to allow us to perpetually use and publish any photograph and/or video, without compensation, which may contain an image of you in any of Brisbane City Council’s publications or other promotional material, in print or online
    • you should be aware that by us publishing the photograph and/or video on the internet, it will be accessible to the public and other internet users and we will have limited control over its subsequent use and disclosure.

Things you need to know and accept in attending the Brisbane Open Innovation Roundtable Process

Council ("we") invites you to participate in the Roundtable session and in doing so:

  • we want to collaborate, share and innovate with the other people and organisations that participate in the process
  • you should not submit or share confidential information or anything you consider to be your intellectual property
  • we will do our best to treat you and all other participants fairly and equally
  • we ask that you participate in the process with honesty and integrity
  • we ask that you treat the facilitators with respect and follow their instructions
  • you will bear your own costs - we will not reimburse you for any costs you incur by participating in the process
  • we may decline to consider (or further consider) any idea or suggestion at any time
  • we may clarify, shortlist and/or negotiate at any point during the process and
  • we may change, suspend or terminate the process at any time.

We are seeking the most advantageous outcomes and opportunities for Brisbane and while we expect this Open Innovation Process to result in solutions and new opportunities for Brisbane, we are not compelled to proceed to contract you or any participant/s. While these ‘things you need to know and accept’ are intended to be ground rules, we do not intend them to be contractual rights/obligations.

21 December 2017