Challenge: Christmas Tree Lighting | Brisbane City Council

Challenge: Christmas Tree Lighting

Brisbane City Council’s Open Innovation Process uses the collective wisdom of individuals, businesses (small and large), entrepreneurs, students, academics and government (council) representatives to solve problems.

The Open Innovation Process aims to produce a more innovative solution than what would be produced through a traditional tender process.

The challenge

Participants were asked how they would power our iconic King George Square Christmas tree using sustainable, innovative technology.

The tree’s current star is lit using photo-voltaic (solar) panels that lights the whole tree. The star is a symbol of our environmentally sustainable, innovative and smart city, but is close to the end of its working life.

Their solution would need to include a new star for the tree as well as the power source for the decorations.

The winning team will design and deliver the new solution, which will light the King George Square Christmas tree from 24 November 2017.

If you were unable to attend the collaboration session at The Capital please email to receiving the briefing package

Submit your solution

Submissions closed on Wednesday 21 June 2017.

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