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The Open Innovation Process

Brisbane City Council’s Open Innovation Process uses the collective wisdom of individuals, businesses (small and large), entrepreneurs, students, academics and government (council) representatives to solve problems. The Open Innovation Process aims to produce a more innovative solution than what would be produced through a traditional tender process.

Learn more about the King George Square Christmas Tree lighting challenge or past Brisbane Innovate challenges.

Submit your solution

Submissions for the King George Square Christmas Tree lighting challenge closed at 12 noon (Qld standard time) on Wednesday 21 June 2017. 

Submissions were required to include the following information:

  • What is your solution (diagrams/pictures in addition to a summary)?
  • What are the sustainability and innovation elements of your solution?
  • How will you deliver your solution by 29 September 2017 (including milestones and timeframes) and will it work reliably?
  • What is the cost to Council (upfront cost, if any, and any running/maintenance costs)?
  • How would Council store the solution, set it up, operate it securely and pack it away?
  • Does the solution meet relevant Australian safety guidelines?

As a general guide, submissions were to be no more than 10 sides of A4 paper.


Criteria for selection included:

  • vibrancy and creativity
  • sustainability and innovation
  • ability to deliver a solution on time that works reliably
  • cost to Council
  • practicality
  • safety.

Shortlist and panel pitch

Following an initial evaluation, Council will shortlist submissions. Shortlisted teams will be invited to pitch their solution and plan to the panel on 12 July 2017 at The Capital with a slide presentation, which is to be no more than 15 slides in length. Shortlisted teams will be provided with the terms on which Council would engage with the successful team.


The successful team will be engaged by Council to deliver the new solution.

Things you need to know about the Open Innovate Process

Council ("we/us") has embarked on an Open Innovation Process and in doing so:

  • we want to collaborate and innovate with the people and organisations that participate in the process ("you")
  • we want you to collaborate and innovate with each other
  • we will respect your confidentiality and intellectual property
  • we will do our best to treat you fairly and equally
  • we ask that you participate in the process with honesty and integrity
  • we and you bear our own costs - we will not reimburse you for any costs you incur by participating in the process
  • we may decline to consider (or further consider) any submission at any time
  • we may clarify, shortlist and/or negotiate at any point during the process
  • we are seeking the most advantageous outcome for Council. When we review the submissions, in addition to the criteria listed under 'Our review process', we may consider other factors such as:
    • risks/opportunities that we perceive to be associated with you or your submission
    • criteria specified in Council’s Innovative Proposals Policy
  • we may change, suspend or terminate the process at any time (this is a new journey for us and we may need to make some adjustments along the way)
  • while we expect this Open Innovation Process to result in a contract(s), we are not compelled to proceed to contract you or any winning participant
  • while these ‘things you need to know about the Open Innovation Process’ are intended to be ground rules, we do not intend them to be contractual rights/obligations.
10 July 2017